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You Have Everything That You Need…

There is a sound of war on the horizon. This is not a time to be afraid. We must pick up our swords and realize that we were made for this battle that is coming our way. This is not a time to withdraw. This is a time to dig in and fight the good fight of faith. God made you a soldier in this time and it is time that you stand up and be the man or woman of God that He's called you forth to be. The Angel armies are being assembled at this given moment and they’re prepared to fight at the Master’s call. You must be ready.

Stop looking for reinforcements. We have everything that we need to fight and win this battle. We're spending too much time being concerned about who's coming in to help. If God wanted us to have more help it would be here already. We must learn to utilize the forces that we have at our disposal. We must learn to be good stewards of the resources that we have in this time and in this season. I am reminded of Gideon's Army. God whittled that Army of 32,000 down to 300.

I am speaking to those in “Houses of Refuge” who have shortened resources. My arm is not slack. I will make sure that you have everything that you have need of in this hour to bring in the harvest. Don't grow weary in well doing. Listen for My still small voice and go where I'm telling you to go. The enemy really believes that he has My true children. He believes that he's forcing them all to quit and turn their back on Me. This will never happen because My true children have been tested and tried. They have made a firm commitment within their heart. They will not break that commitment ever. They have been tested in the fires of adversity over and over again. I am proud of My true children. My heart rejoices over them.

The time has come children for the greatness that I've implanted inside of you to come forth. And come forth you will. This will truly be by My Spirit and not by man’s ways or methods. My glory will be seen all throughout the land. It is going to start with the East Coast of the United States. It is going to start in Delaware. It will not be a wildfire. It will be My Everlasting fire. It will never die. It will spread and spread and spread and spread. The enemy will never be able to stop what I'm doing. I will place Delaware on the map for true revival and true repentance will hit this place.

I am working at tearing down the religious system that is over Delaware. It has been full of corruption and degradation. When I am through Delaware will be pure and holy before Me. The Churches that have been fighting against each other will drop their swords against each other and start fighting the enemy. They will fight in unity. They will fight in My Spirit. They will accomplish much. There is a new breed of leaders that I have already prepared and raised up. They are being brought forth in this hour, but they will stay hidden behind the Cross. They will not seek fame or fortune. They will only seek My Presence and because of this I will glorify Myself in them just like I glorified Myself in My Son.

There has been much talk about the suffering that has been going on. Many in My Body still do not perceive the moving of My Spirit. They cannot perceive the moving of My Spirit because their flesh is still very much alive. Some have made the decision within their hearts that I am never coming back. Some have decided that My word is a book of fables and stories that mean absolutely nothing. They will soon see that My words always come to pass. I will bring every one of them to the forefront and they will know that I am not a man. They will know that My Words never lie.

I have brought you forth into this new prophetic season. What I am doing is going to cause many ears to tickle. Many will walk around in amazement and astonishment, and they still will not perceive My Spirit. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when all is said and done but no one will be able to say that they were not warned nor did they not get instruction. I have been speaking for thousands of years. I have telegraphed everything that I'm doing. You will see it plainly. It will all make sense, and no one will be able to take this away from you. Keep standing even when things make no sense whatsoever. The picture is going to be very clear and My True Children will rejoice that they persevered in Me and never gave up.

You are going to see the Body of Christ come together. They will follow the leaders of the remnant that I have placed in this region. There is going to be a new confederation of believers. They will not be bound by tradition or man’s ways. They will be fully surrendered to My Spirit. They will only do what My Spirit tells them to do. There is a shaking that is going on right now in all of My Houses of Refuge. This shaking is from Me. This shaking is bringing a separation and division between the goats and the sheep. You are going to see the goats separated from Me. They will leave and go out into the world never to reach their destiny in Me.

I am that I am. I always have been and always will be. No one can stop this. No one can change this attribute of who I am. Listen intently. Follow Me with everything that is within you. Trust Me with every part of your being. I will never lead you astray. I will cause you to know the deeper things that are going on. I will give you words of knowledge and words of wisdom that will help you lead the people that are coming. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Selah!

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