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Grotesque Spiritual Battles

As I sit here today, the United States is involved in one of the most grotesque spiritual battles for its soul that ever has been. This surpasses the battles that took place prior to the Revolutionary War when our founding fathers we're carving out the path that we should take for our Republic. It has been said in many different ways by various people that democracies that lasts longer than 250 years eventually crumble and fall. We are in our 247th year and it's a testament to the goodness of God that we have not fallen. The evidence is there as we look at those who sit in the Halls of Congress representing the needs of the American people. It is clear that a dramatic shift has taken place. A shift in values, culture, and even economic viability is in the works.

It is not because good people have done nothing. It is because the spiritual heart of this nation has entered into pride and arrogance to the point that God is not looked to for guidance in any way. We only look to God as a last-minute safety net when it’s convenient for politicians to invoke His name in order to curry favor with the people of the United States. These politicians are enjoying the intentional state of blindness that has overtaken the people.

Taking a look at some of the things that are going on politically behind the scenes we see that there is deep infighting within the Republican Party. There still is no unity or agreement with the Spirit of God. Different factions are vying for power. What needs to take place is a humble, seeking of the Most-high God. Some of our leaders have stepped off their moral foundation and are currently traveling down the path that lucifer took when he stood in Heaven with God and said that he would be greater than Him.

Whether you want to accept this or not God has ordained President Donald J. Trump to run this nation in this season of our existence. It astounds me that even with all of the evidence proving that he can do the job there are still people in the leadership of this party who hate him with a demonic passion. Recently several of the potential Republican candidates for President have dropped out. It seems that there's still a large faction within the Republican Party who are “Never Trumpers”. This means that they have chosen in their heart to not ever vote for President Trump again.

Unfortunately, a significant part of this segment includes 50% of the conservative, evangelical Christian movement. We must take this into account and get the understanding that this is going to be a big factor in the 2024 election. Historically what has happened in the past is that Christians will refuse to go to the polls and vote. Despite what's actually good and in the will of God they will sit with their hands folded and proclaim that their vote means nothing, so they will do nothing. They make this excuse and justify it without seeking God as to what He wants us to do.

The “Never Trumper” faction in the Republican Party has positioned itself to back Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and United Nations ambassador. Haley is a former supporter of President Trump but now claims to have seen the light and is working against him. These “Never Trumpers” have been deceived into believing that she is the right choice and God's choice for America. All this really does is pull people away from voting for President Trump. These “Never Trumpers” are not looking in the Spirit nor are they understanding what God is trying to do through President Donald J Trump. The blindness and the deception is extremely heavy.

Now enter former Democrat now turned Independent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The plot thickens as he announced formally that he will be running for the Presidency in 2024 as an Independent candidate. Even the Kennedy name could not stop Biden/Obama train that is consuming the Democratic party. Or is this a plan hatched by Obama to further take votes away from President Trump? This remains to be seen. Speculation or not, President Trump has a tough road ahead of him if you consider that the American Press doesn’t give him a second to breathe, the American Court System has weaponized itself against him, and those who know to do right on both sides refuse to do it. These are things that need to be prayed through as potential stumbling blocks or tripping points for the future of the United States.

Yes, its complicated but if you are in the Spirit you can read between the lines and see the following:

1. The enemy will continue to use Biden/Obama to do his work.

2. The Republicans are out for their interests and not the interests of the United States.

3. The Democrats are organized under Obama and no one is breaking up that unity.

This is an organized, well thought out plan to take the United States down. We must do our part in this battle with fasting and prayer. We must do our part in this battle with calling attention to the truth of what is going on. The next phase of the enemies plan is to President Trump at all costs. Even if it means that the enemy has to use President Trump against himself, the enemy is intent on doing this. Understand from the Spirit realm what is happening. There are many false prophets in the Church touching the anointed of God, President Donald J. Trump. These false prophets are winning favor with the people but disfavor with God. If you want darkness God will give you darkness. It’s no skin off God’s nose. Just tell Him what you want. This battle is real and lives will be lost for eternity. Will you be responsible for those lives, meaning will their blood be on your hands? Selah!


On behalf of Pastor Barbara and myself, we want to thank you for supporting More Than Enough with your readership. All of the authors of the articles seek the face of God to bring you what they believe God is saying right now. This issue marks the beginning of our 7th year in publication. We made it to our first jubilee. Celebrate with us as we go into this holiday season rejoicing with God for all the wonderful things that He has done. May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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