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Christopher A. Gore, Reverend (The Lighthouse Inc., Church.)

Christopher is serving the Body of Christ as Assistant Pastor with Evangelist/Pastor Barbara at the Lighthouse Inc., Church in Wyoming, Delaware.  He and wife Kathryn are raising their three children Kristopher, Andrew and Kierstyn in the ways of the Lord.

He has been serving in the house of God in various capacities from early childhood.  He has a deep hunger for the Word of God and this has opened up a door for him to teach and minister in the Lighthouse Inc., Church since 1995, where he was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in 2002.

Christopher has been assisting with teaching God’s word, caring for His sheep, ministering in deliverances since 1995, and instructing at the Training Center for Exorcisms.  He has taught the Body of Christ in Sunday school on adult and youth level classes on various topics of the Bible.  He has been a featured speaker for many services including conferences at the Lighthouse Inc., Church.  He has been on the Voice of Yahweh Radio, host of Radiant Fire Radio Ministries and has written many articles and teachings from the Bible to help train and equip the Body of Christ for His service.

Christopher has a love for learning the deeper things of God’s Word which he enjoys sharing with the Body of Christ.
He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Convergence Journalism & a minor degree in Philosophy at Delaware State University.



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