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Why Are You Angry at Me?

Rev. Christopher Gore

Date: June 24th, 2008; 7: 55 pm

“Why are you angry at Me? I have done nothing but bless you. I don’t deserve your wrath but you certainly deserve Mine. You better rethink how you have been approaching My throne of Grace. I am not your toy. I am not your plaything. I have told you in the past that I move in My timing. I move when I have set the pace. I will not move on your time table. Align yourselves with Me and get on My schedule and you will see the greater works being done in your midst. Much jealousy, much anger is being spewed at Me and I have done nothing but love you. I don’t deserve to be treated like common street garbage. I am God and I will get the respect that is due Me. Church you must have a shift in your attitude. Church you must have an adjustment of your will. It’s not your will be done, but it’s My will be done. Separate yourselves unto Me. Sanctify yourselves and Repent before Me, the one and only true God. I am that I am and what I am I always will be. Where is My honor? I ask you children, “Where is My honor?” I ask for holiness, I get half-hearted devotion. I ask for purity and I get spotted garments. I give and I give and I give but none return My love. None return My true devotion. Great deception has come to My body. Many still think that they are alright with Me but they are not. They stand in the Holy place and proclaim My righteousness but deep inside I see the depths of the dirt within their hearts. Purge yourselves children. Clean yourselves now for My wrath is soon to come and it will fall on many who are “called by My name”. I am God and there is no other.

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