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Prophetic Word: Major Upheaval in the Government

Pword: RCG to Church

Time: 3: 14 Am

There will be a major upheaval in the government of the United States in the short days ahead. The forces of darkness that have been arrayed around about this nation are conspiring to bring total destruction to this land.

There will be a huge terror assault carried out against Benjamin Netanyahu but he will not lose his life. Many soldiers will be killed and this will cause the war in Israel to pushed into another level of violence.

America is not honoring its commitment to Me to protect Israel and America will soon see Me lift its skirts even higher. There will be a penalty for breaking covenant with My people and the penalty will be loss of life.

The cities in America are not safe. They are hot beds for violence and destruction. The signal has been sent out, “Attack!” The preparations and the plans for this have been in the making for quite some time but I was keeping the hedge around about America. No longer, I am lifting the hedge of protection and America will see blood in it’s streets. You will see this start in Pasadena, CA. This will continue from State to State and City to City. There will be no place to rest. Violence will be on all sides. No longer will you find safety and security in the land. Darkness is rising because Justice has been perverted beyond measure.

This is the dawning of a new day in America. America wouldn’t bow its knee to Me so now My hand has been forced. It’s about the covenant. When you break covenant, you dishonor yourselves. Predators are on the loose. You will see drone strikes take place in various cities across your land. The time has come for My retribution to begin.

You are seeing Me expose darkness in My houses in America. More will be revealed. I am working once again to restore purity in the My Church in America. I am breaking down and shaking every foundation that is not of Me. Righteousness and peace will be reestablished once again. My Remnant Churches will be persecuted but they will stand tall in the midst of this persecution.

Revival is coming to My Churches in America but it will be on heels of persecution. Truth must be taught at all costs. These times are full of good things that I will do in the midst of the bad. There will be a day in America where it will not lawful for you to assemble. The ridicule and rejection will be felt in a tangible way.


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