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Prophetic Word - East Coast Revival, Jewish People Loved

Updated: Jan 14

Prophetic Word during the Sunday January 7, 2024 Am message.

…and even pushed aside. But this is not the truth of what is going on. There are many things that are taking place that I am lining up strategically to bring revival to the East Coast of the United States. And as I have promised you and said to you many times before, you will be an integral part of what I am doing.

I need for you to stand your ground at this given time and know that I am working and I am moving many, many things. And as all of these different parts and pieces come together, you will find complete and total fulfillment in Me.

The souls, the multitudes of souls are going to come in, and I am going to need each and every one of you to minister to them on My behalf. Be ready, be instant in season and out. And know that I, the Lord thy God, am with you and will never, ever leave you or forsake you.

Many think the dust has settled already in the crisis that is going on in Israel and children I tell you that it has not. It has only just begun. This war is going to go and go until I complete it and I complete the works that needs to be established inside of the heart of My Jewish nation. You are seeing the beginning works. You're seeing the trials and tribulations that I am bringing forth. But you will also see the justice that I will get My people. I have covered them in the past, I am covering them now, and I will cover them in the future. Never fear and never get into distress about what I'm doing, because it is all going to tie together and it all will produce the fruit that I have designed for it to produce.

This is their hour of greatness, and I am pulling and compelling them to come forth. And you shall see your Jewish brothers and sisters turn and love Me with everything inside of them. Do not believe the lies. Do not believe the false teachings that I have rejected them and cast them aside. These things are not the truth. I need you to understand this. Be about My business, and everything will line itself up and everything will come into full fruition of the plan that I have set and established for My entire body…


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