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The World is Watching the United States.

What God has spoken about President Donald J. Trump being elected to office for a second term will come to pass.

What is important to note right now is that the United States is the last stronghold that must stand against the Socialist ideas that have spread around the world and crept into the leaders of this country. You, as a believer in Christ, must open your eyes and see what is really going on right now. The antichrist agenda is in full swing around the globe and it is moving through the nations with plans of implementing socialism around the world. Those who are in bed with the antichrist are working feverishly to use socialism as the main economic system to bring about the “New World Order.” Currently the United States is standing in the way to this being done globally.

This agenda is out for the total destruction of this country because it was built upon the foundation of God. Our nations value system is contrary to what the globalists want to live in around the world. Globalists want the United States to pay for everything. Globalists do not want God in any part of their society.

A globalist is a person who advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world.

These people have been angry since President Donald J. Trump entered office because God has been using him to stand against their agenda. Any person with a little bit of common sense can see that the agenda of globalism is to strip the money and power out of the United States and give it to the rest of the world. This is socialism on a world level.

God never ordained for the United States to pay for and correct the problems in the rest of the world. It is not the United States responsibility to run other nations. It is not the United States fault that other nations sinned, and their sin caused them to be in poverty.

What Obama and other leaders of the United States have done in the past has opened the door for the acceptance of these policies by the American people. What the American people did not know did hurt us. By agreeing with globalists and giving into their demands our nation was being seriously crippled. Our military was in shambles, we were fighting in wars that we had no business being in, we were paying taxes as a nation for Climate Change policies, we lost our manufacturing sector to China and India because we created laws against our own interests in the name of Globalism. This was insane. Then God gave us President Donald J. Trump.

President Donald J. Trump understood what was going on and immediately went into action to correct these wrongs. He removed the piles of regulations and tax codes that hurt Americans. This was just one of many things that he did to disrupt our decline that was moving us towards socialism. He stopped us from paying Iran money for the purpose of not having a Nuclear weapons program. He pulled us out of the Paris accords. These accords had the United States paying other countries money to help fight Climate Change. This was absurd.

Currently some world leaders are mad at us because we are pulling our troops out of Afghanistan. This was never our fight. It did not involve us. Many times, we stepped into fights with other Nations that cost us the lives of our soldiers and much more. This was done because we were made to feel guilty about our wealth. These countries have been feuding with each other for centuries. Let them fight their own battles at their own costs. We as a nation cannot afford to let the world push us into doing things that turn us into a socialist nation.

The United States was built upon the truth that without God being in the hearts of the people we could not live and work together as one Nation under God. The enemy is doing everything in his power to undermine and drag the United States down with the rest of the world. Many nations have fallen to the darkness that is the antichrist spirit and they are scheming for an overthrow of our country.

There are some powerful people who are under the influence of demons and they are working to bring our nation down. They want us to be like every other nation in this world. and we must pray, fast, and cry out to God like never before to stop this from happening. We must do our part to cover President Donald J. Trump and the few who are standing with him in the government at this given time.

There are many turncoats and traitors who are working in conjunction with the demons in the major leaders of this country. This is bigger than a conspiracy. There are more people involved than you can possibly imagine, and the goal is to bring this nation down to the devils level. Nothing good will come from this. And this is why we need desperately for the eyes of some in the Church to be opened. You would think in this time period that the Church would have learned from previous battles to get into the Unity of the Spirit and defeat the enemy. Not so, there are too many secret agendas amongst leaders in the Church. The world is watching us, and we need to be aware of this and stand for the truth of God.


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