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The Hidden Truth Behind Your High Fuel Prices: Earth Worship

The United States is experiencing many crises at this time. One of the most notable crises is the increase in fuel prices. When you get to the root of what is driving these high prices you will find that “worship of the earth” is a contributing factor in this whole scenario. Sounds foolish doesn’t it? Well, there are many religions who practice “earth worship” as their way of worshipping their god. Here is a taste of their thought process, “This beautiful Planet Earth is our mother and our home. This sacred Earth is our ark and all the plants and animals that live in it are our fellow passengers. That ark is threatened now, as never before in history, by human actions and inactions.”[i]

These “earth worshipers” are highly organized, well-financed, and determined to save the earth from the rest of us humans who in their minds are destroying the earth by our existence and repeated use of fossil fuels. When you look at the reasoning behind this notion it is easy to see that their logic is flawed. They believe that the God given fossil fuels placed here in the earth are damaging the earth. To further add insult to injury they believe that our use of those fuels damages the earth. This is an absurdity.

As humans we have advanced technologically but those advances can only be rightly attributed to God. If God didn’t speak to us and give us the ideas for fire, then the steam engine, then onto automobiles, we would not have the ability to create these items. What “earth worshippers” do is deny creativity of our God. They fail to understand that our technological advances come from God. They act as if God didn’t know what He was doing by giving us humans the ability to create these technological advances. To say that we have to do something to save the earth is to negate God’s power altogether. God does not need us to fix the earth that He created. If God did need us to do this then He would not be God. When you delve into this practice of “earth worship” you will find that more and more people are being deluded into believing they have the power in themselves to help God. This is total deception. Behind the scenes acts are being committed by these “earth worshipers” that are not only channeling demons into themselves but they are opening demonic portals into Hell. They have made the Earth an idol that they believe speaks, lives, and moves. The earth is not to be worshipped. It is a created thing.

There are many delusions in the atmosphere at this given time. These delusions turn into full-fledged deception. When you look at those who are involved in the “Radical Environmental Movement” you quickly discover that their love for the Earth is twisted. It comes from an unbalanced viewpoint. It comes from a belief rooted deep within that compels them to believe that humans are at fault for environmental damages that occur and that humans are responsible to save “mother earth”. We are not supposed to worship the earth. We are created to worship God and God alone. We know that life springs from God but those who are practicing “earth worship” operate from some of the deeper levels in witchcraft and wizardry that can be found. These same people seek to lift the Earth to a higher status but will at the same time burn, cut, and mutilate themselves because they are trying to destroy the temple that God created in them.

These people are deeply embedded in both high and low level offices in the land. This means that they have the ability to create policies that are “pro earth worship”, while at the same time pushing an agenda that does the exact opposite of what God’s law says. There is nothing wrong with enjoying nature or admiring the beauty of God's creation. I believe that God wants us to enjoy His creation and the things that He placed upon His Earth. However, this love should never be for the earth and should never be above your love for God. If so, you are committing idolatry.

The Radical Environmentalists do not believe that you are capable of understanding they just want you to silently obey them. They have taken control at different levels of our government. On the surface they look caring and concerned for everyone’s well-being, but the reality of this movement has caused much destruction in these United States. They have enacted laws that have completely shut down the manufacturing industry in this country. In the name of removing greenhouse gas emissions the Radical Environmentalists have taken over. This takeover has been slow and steady over the last 30 years. They have embedded themselves into every form of business and placed regulations that keep us from using the fossil fuels that God placed here in America. For example the Coal industry in this country has been destroyed once again. They are forbidding them to use Coal that is right here. They have restricted the amount of Coal that can be mined and used to create Steel and produce electricity. They are expecting wind turbines and solar power to generate enough energy for the whole nation. Wind and Solar power can only do so much. God gave us the fossil fuels for a reason but the “earth worshippers” are refusing to allow us to use these fuels.

We are blind to their activities. We do not see how deeply embedded they are within the government. They have a lot of power and they are not afraid to use it. The Environmental Protection Agency has the ability to fine companies if they find that they are in violation of the rules that they created to clean the air. They are using the “Save the earth” plotline to stop people from using the resources that we have here in the United States. This really has become a religion to them and they are as dedicated to this cause of “saving the earth” as we are to serving Christ. One of the missing keys to understanding what is going on right now with our high fuel prices is that these people believe deep in their heart that they are “saving the earth”. They have come up with programs to tax companies if the companies do not find a way to reduce their “carbon footprint”. It will not be long before individuals will be taxed for their carbon footprint. At the deepest core of this movement is a hatred for God in all that he stands for. Why? They do not believe that He created the earth.

High fuel prices are just the beginning as these “earth worshippers” continue on their journey bring peace and harmony to Mother Earth, they are aligning themselves with demons who are seeking our destruction. This is the real reason our fuel prices are so high.


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