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No Idea – On the Brink of an Ongoing Religious War.

What has happened in Israel has greater implication that anyone can imagine. We need to understand that we are in the midst of a religious war. A war which will place Islam against Christianity and Judaism. This will not just be a religious war but a cultural war as well.

The attacks that took place in Israel started with the Islamist extremists screaming “allahu akbar” as they videotaped themselves attacking the Supernova Music Festival, a party that was held in a dusty field outside the Re’im kibbutz, about 3.3 miles (5.3 kilometres) from the wall that separates Gaza from southern Israel. What were they doing at this party? Videos show young Israelis dancing to trance music under a giant Buddha statue and prayer flags around dawn. The festival was billed as “a journey of unity and love” with “mind-blowing and breathtaking content”.

The supporters of the extreme versions of Islam do not believe in any other God than allah. They do not have the cultural or religious tolerance that Judaism and Christianity exhibit. They believe you either serve allah or have your head cut off and they travel with swords prepared to complete that task. This is what took place as they entered into the music festival grounds. They went in with extreme hatred for the whole setting. The music, the partying, the people, the worshipping of the buddha, the drunkenness, etc. that was taking place. They were offended by it all.

This religious war is going to be different than anything that we have ever seen. It will be fought with extreme levels of violence and hatred that comes straight from the pits of Hell. The enemy does not like the bodies that we were given, and he does everything in his power to desecrate them. Whether the desecration comes through tattooing’s, piercings, brandings, or the more extreme forms of ritualistic sexual abuse and torture. The enemies’ goal is clear. Destroy the human body at all costs. The enemy wants to show God that he has no respect for His creation at all.

The massacre that just took place in Israel clearly demonstrates that there is no respect for human life if you do not bow down to allah, your life means nothing to them. This is a hard concept for us to understand. There is a level of denial on the part of the Christian community. The real fanaticism of the Islamic religion will be demonstrated through extreme terror tactics and torture to the point of the loss of life. There is intellectual dishonesty that comes from leadership in the Church, but the reality is the people in the Church have said, “We don’t want to hear anything “negative””.

The Bible is fulfilling itself hourly. Yet, we are living in days where the Church refuses to call evil, what it actually is, evil. We tiptoe around foundational truths and refrain from preaching the full Gospel in the name of love. Love is good but the Body of Christ remains fixed in a mindset that nothing bad will happen to them. This mindset of sloppy agape and watered down Christianity has allowed for the Body of Christ to not be in a state of readiness for the persecution that is coming to the Church. Persecution will grow the Church but how many will die being angry at God for allowing them to be killed at the hands of an Islamic extremist. If you don’t believe in and serve their God, then you are to be killed. This played out in Israel. The Islamist extremists practice their religion with fervency and intensity.

There is another story that is being played out in the background. What’s not being tied together is that the Islamist extremists opening attack was on a music festival. They attacked the people who attended the Supernova Music Festival. They deeply believe that they were acting on God’s behalf and cleansing the area from sin. This is real. This is being swept under the carpet by the media because they do not want people to be afraid. The United States had an attack on a music festival in Las Vegas in 2017. Isn’t it strange that they have not released details on why this attack occurred.

They are not telling you the true reason behind this attack but now that the one in Israel has occurred people are making a connection. The connection is that the attack on Las Vegas was committed by an Islamic extremist group that is embedded here in the United States. These extremists do not like our culture. They despise the party life that includes drunken partying, half clothed people, and idolatry that was taking place in Las Vegas. The attackers were offended by the American lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. While we think it’s cute that we can express ourselves and live in a way that is not godly, the Islamist extremists don’t want to see this. It offends their idea of purity. Go to any Islamist country and you will quickly see that you don’t see women walking around uncovered. If they did, they would be stoned or beaten on site. You don’t see homosexual couples walking around holding hands or kissing like they do here in our country because they would be stoned or beaten. They do not tolerate and accept the things that we do.

The Islamist extremists are working to prepare the world for the return of their Islamic messiah. The last Mahdi. They pledge to enact a holy war that will cause chaos around the world and bring him back. They believe that as they enact punishment upon those who do not believe in allah, they will gain more credit that will ensure them a place in Heaven. They are prepared to do anything, go to anything length to prepare the way for their god to return. As we look at the bigger picture, I want to remind you that these Islamist don’t like the Jews or us. They want to see both of us completely removed from the earth.

How do you sound an alarm here in America that more of this is coming? There's compromise in the Church. Along with the compromise comes a downplaying and acceptance of behaviors that in the past would be looked at negatively. The United States is filled with the multiple places that hold events just like the one in Israel. We do not understand that this religious war that is taking place is being focused on our western lifestyles and practices. The Islamists have the mindset that they are holy warriors for their god going forth and riding the earth of the sin and the degradation that comes from what is the western way of life. We have grown to see our lifestyle as harmless fun. There is a disconnect between some of the things that we allow and accept that Islamic religious people refuse to accept.

There is an extreme hatred for what the Islamic people consider sin. In some ways the Islamists practice a level of holiness and separateness from the things of this world more so than the Church. What do you think is going to happen when these Islamic extremists are emboldened and empowered by the new attacks that are taking place right now around the world. We must do our part to wake the Church up. May God grant them understanding that we are on the brink of war with a people who are fully committed to finishing what they started. Selah

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