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Spin Masters Still Reporting That Zelensky Has Madman Putin on the Run… Breaking News

Christopher shares some more frustration with the overall reporting on Russia/Ukraine situation… many capitalists are making money with their posts by selling their wares. The post will be titled we are going to war right now, breaking news and the first 10 minutes of the post is about some dumb product that they want you to buy. Extremely frustrating. So Russia is “losing”. What does that look like? We are not ever gonna because the realistic account of the battle is not being reported on. Zelensky says that he is not gonna negotiate with Putin. Hmmm, who is Zelensky going to negotiate with? Putin is not going anywhere despite what the Spin Masters are saying. Speculation is that Putin is letting it appear that Zelensky is winning in order to exhaust Zelensky’s resources. This is genius of Putin. Christopher shares his understanding of the Madman Putin’s Poseidon weapon. Listen in and see the truth for what it is. Yes, it’s ugly.



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