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Russia, Ukraine, & Extinction Level Events

Christopher shares on the vexation that continues. It’s still very frustrating to see what is going on with Russia and Ukraine. I am not sure if we understand how deep this really is. We are still battling against the antichrist spirit and its strong influence over the world. We are stealing money from many countries. The world is coming to an end prophetically because it’s just what has to be. I don’t feel like many in the understand or are in agreement with God. The great deception is that the Church is going to take over the world. Our complacency is destroying us. The bank system is on fire and we are living under the false delusion that they can stop the economic crash that is coming. The crash has to occur as well. The world is gonna be ok with this because in their minds they will find a solution. Not thinking that it’s just a trap that is waiting to be sprung. We are moving to a place where the West has to decrease in favor or Israel. It’s no longer about the United States. Things are being changed and God is in control of this to make us ready for Israel’s rise to prominence. Listen as Christopher shares.



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