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Misconceptions About the Integrity of our Government

This is just a reminder for everyone. I want to help you understand some of the beginning phases of our nation. Not many people realize that Christopher Columbus was Jewish. The reason that he left Spain was to flee the religious persecution that was taking place against the Jews in 1492.

Columbus sailed his ships the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria not in a quest for gold but in a quest to find a place for his people to rest from religious persecution that had befallen them. He set sail to find a “New World”.

Religious persecution continued in Europe throughout this time period. The persecution was not limited just the Jews but to those who were Christians as well. The original settlers from the Mayflower found themselves leaving England in 1620 in search of religious freedom from the Church of England. The Church of England had become tied to the government of England and many atrocities were committed in the name of God by England.

I want you to realize that this was the backdrop that was prevalent across the world. People were fleeing Europe in search of a place to practice their religion and live at peace with all men. I believe that these truths have been erased from history. These stories are being written out intentionally and the generations that are coming up right now, do not have the understanding of why God created America, nor do they understand the purpose for which we truly stand.

Yes, America, is one of the wealthiest nations of the world but our wealth can be traced back to those who originally founded this nation’s strong belief in God and the individual’s responsibility to do what was right in the sight of God. If men would live together under these principles this nation would last for a very long time.

The correctors of todays history have even revised the history and personal stories of the “Founding Fathers” of our country. They have removed the public knowledge and evidence of their statesmen like character and replaced it with lies and mistruths which often are found to be distortions of what actually happened. The culture today looks down upon the “Founding Fathers because some of them owned slaves. They have taken this part of their story out of context and refuse to tell the whole story that the “Founding Fathers” slaves were an inheritance and if they refused their inheritance it would bring far greater consequences upon the slaves than if they would just stay under their protection.

So, out of these men of noble character came the deep foundational truths that this nation is built upon. These men rested their hope in these truths, they lived these truths. They used these truths to form the government for which we have today. The fundamental difference between the “Founding Father’s” and our politicians today is the complete lack of statesmen like character in today’s leaders.

Many of them are homosexuals, drunk-drivers, wife-beaters, atheists, cheats, gamblers, adulterers, and criminals that have no idea what the Constitution says, nor do they want to protect it and preserve the freedoms that were created by this document. The laws that we have today are based upon the lack of moral character that our leaders have today. Their character is a direct reflection of the people they represent today.

With this being said, In the beginning the government is made up of people who agree to live a high moral life. They agreed to follow the principles found in the Bible and chose to live with high quality and character. They did so and they made laws that will honor and protect the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution was created in the very beginning of this country with the goal of protecting the rights of the people from being oppressed by the government that they choose to obey.

Government is made up by the people who consent to be governed. Which means they agree to follow the laws and live together according to those laws. The Constitution was developed by Godly men to ensure that our government would be like those they left in Europe. It would be different. It would not be oppressive or tyrannical. The government would seek to truly represent the people.

The “Founding Fathers” created three equal branches of government through the Constitution. Each Branch of government is supposed to balance the power in the other branches equally and keep one branch of government from having too much power over the other branches. All three branches of government can make laws. They just do it in different ways.

Can each of these branches make a law that goes against the Constitution? Yes, they can. Are they supposed too? No, they are not. When this occurs the other two branches of the government are supposed to stand up and say this is wrong and work to get the law that goes against the Constitution, changed. When we had honest people in the three branches of government there would never be a law made against the Constitution.

Today, on the other hand is a different story. We do not have honest people. Because we do not have honest people, they are not doing their jobs and holding the other branches of government accountable for the things they are doing against the Constitution.

For example, on January 6, 2021 the Senate was supposed to hold executive branch accountable and expose the fraud that took place in the election. The Senate and members of the House of Representatives had the opportunity to challenge the Electoral College vote counts. Because they were corrupt, they refused. Because of what they did not do, an illegitimate person is sitting in the Office of the President today.

It seems the very people/leaders who are in charge of America at this time, are not abiding by or obeying the laws themselves? They continue to live above our laws and remain exempt from them for a long time. Why and how are they allowed to do this? They are allowed to do this because they are all corrupted and the American people are not holding them accountable.

The Constitution is clear and some of the acts that have been committed against President Donald J. Trump by those who do not like him should be tried for treason as a traitor. Our Congressmen and Congresswoman should be holding their feet to the fire. We have the ability to address our grievances with the government. If they refuse to hear us then “We the people” are supposed to vote them out or get rid of them, but we don't. We allow them to stay in office. And they destroy our nation and bring us down.

I hope this overview reminds you of some important things about our government. Selah.

This article was placed in the monthly newsletter of More Than Enough for April 2021.

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