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Forgiving the Body of Christ; Asbury Revival, Trump Abandonment, & Mario Murillo

Christopher shares his feelings on forgiving the Body of Christ. Forgiveness is necessary to stay out of bitterness. The Body of Christ has done some dumb things and the Body of Christ needs correction. Pray for the Asbury Revival. Pray that the Body of Christ doesn't go in there and corrupt the Revival. Pray for the leadership and staff. We want this to keep going but we don't want the Body of Christ to wreck it. Christopher shares some of the things that the Body of Christ are doing to President Trump. There is a lot of animosity that is coming against President Trump. Pray for Mario Murillo. He is making a stand for the Lord and some false prophets. The Body of Christ has to get back to integrity.

Podcast intro and outro from Jeremy Marsan and link to 476070__jjmarsan__hello-user-bright-cheery-intro-music; Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

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