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Experiencing Death, Religious People, & YouTube Officially Banned Me

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Happy Post Thanksgiving to you. Hope your family and friends had a wonderful time of celebration and feasting.

I am experiencing the death of a close family friend and it sucks. He was killed with his daughter while traveling home on October 30, 2022

Michael Ferris and his daughter Alexa were killed in a tragic car accident. Death is not easy but we have to find peace. That's ok because we have the religious scribes and pharisees our day to keep the flesh at bay.

The religious spirit is a particularly annoying that likes to share its opinions. It's often wrong but that is of no consequence. Truth will prevail when it comes to dealing with the religious and life in general. Truth will always wait for the religious to sit down and stop being dumb. Creflo dollar is someone who just needs to set down but that won't happen.

I have done a number of exorcisms over the past couple of weeks and I can say casting devils out of people is good for what ails you. I love seeing souls set free from demons.

I received my official letter from YouTube banning me for life from their platform. Goodbye and good riddance.

In closing, I love to kick over the religious golden cows that are out there. That really brings a lot of joy to my heart.

Recently, I kicked over Robin Bullock, Kent Christmas, and Kim Clement. Listen as Christopher shares today.



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