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Bandwagon Prophets

From time to time over the last twenty years there have been many false prophets come and go. These false prophets do a lot of damage to the Body of Christ. Some have fleeced the sheep by taking their money for prophetic words, some offer false hope in dire situations, and many others just destroy the faith and give God a black eye. It’s bad when they come to town because there is a lot of destruction that occurs when they show up.

The immature in the Body of Christ envy the fame and notoriety of these false prophets. They do this at the cost of their anointing. They fail to comprehend that there are times when these false prophets are working strictly for the enemy. What I mean is this is not just a brother or sister who has went astray. It is someone who has an agenda from satan to kill God’s sheep. The immature do not see this and then turn to modeling their ministries after these false prophets. This is wrong to do on so many levels.

This has caused more damage to the true prophetic people of God and makes it harder for true prophets to minister on behalf of God. For the simple reason that the immature in the Body of Christ do not know the Word of God. This causes them to walk in deception and they place false expectations upon God’s servants.

Bandwagon prophets are just as bad but for different reasons. A bandwagon prophet is not a Biblical term at all. But it is a phenomenon that occurs in the Body of Christ. This phenomenon destroys God’s sheep as well. For example many bandwagon prophets proclaimed things similar in nature to the true prophets.

There are some prophetic people who because of what God uses them to say have large platforms. They did not put themselves on these platforms, God did. Some people start following the true prophets wanting to get the attention and the notoriety that comes from their prophetic words being popular. So the bandwagon prophets generates a “prophecy” out of their flesh and they start becoming popular too. Because they are not true prophets, they don’t understand the warfare that comes from releasing a Word of the Lord. Here is where the trouble comes.

A true prophet of God has a relationship with God that has been tested in the fire. They understand that sometimes God will release things out of their Spirit man and that brings a fight to them personally. Bandwagon prophets don’t know this and they don’t understand this. So they make these proclamations out of their flesh and all Hell brakes loose against them and then they start changing their “prophecy” with statements like, “God meant to say this, or God didn’t really mean for this to happen, he meant for that to happen at another time.

A good example of this is all of the bandwagon prophets who made prophecies about President Donald J. Trump getting a second term. The bandwagon prophets did not expect the warfare that came with this election so when people started questioning them and things did not happen according to the way they made up their prophecy we started seeing statements like, “God did mean for President Donald J. Trump to be in office but he meant it in 2024, or the Supreme Court is going to fix what’s happening with the election but God meant it to happen after Biden gets in”. I am not sorry but this is a bunch of foolishness.

The bandwagon prophets are dropping like flies right now. I am glad because if God has not spoken to you, you need to be quiet. God does not need you to help Him with your bandwagon prophecy. God knows what He intends to do. God knew everything that was going to happen in this election. It was not a surprise to Him. But it was a surprise to the bandwagon prophets because they were not in relationship with God. The true prophets are in relationship with Him. Because they know God and have tested Him, they never waivered in their position on what God told them. They stood and waited for His word to come to pass. While waiting they encouraged the rest of the Body of Christ to stand.

The bandwagon prophets are bringing confusion to the immature in God. They are learning some important lessons right now and I am grateful that God is exposing this false level of the prophetic. The Body of Christ has to allow God to be God. We must stop this foolishness and honor God even in this. God is cleaning His house and this area of the prophetic is going through a purging process. If you are being used of God in the prophetic don’t jump on the bandwagon. If God is not speaking to you have enough integrity to say, “I am not hearing anything right now.” It’s better than having egg on your face. It’s better than trying to explain what you thought God said.

God is not schizophrenic. He says what He means and means what He says. Don’t get on the bandwagon.


On behalf of my wife Kathryn and our family, We hope that you have the merriest of Christmas’ and a Happy New Year!

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