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Your Mask is Not Going to Save You

Every time, I don my mask for work, I am reminded of the freedoms that we lost as a result of Covid. It is nauseating to me to think about the things we were forced to do in the name of public health and safety. The mask mandate was a clear sign that our government was working to show us the power it has to control us. It was prophesied early into this mask situation that the devil is trying to silence us and take our voices away. He did a really good job at this.

Everywhere you turn some governmental body is telling us that we cannot do something because of Covid. They started this power trip a long time ago with little things that we just didn’t really pay attention too. You purchased a piece of property and you now have to contend with a Homeowners association dictating what type of flowers you can plant or if you can post a flag. You own a vehicle and the government mandates that it has to be fuel efficient. You drive that same vehicle, and the government tells you that you must wear a seatbelt or else you will be ticketed. Everyday our freedom to choose what is right for us and our family is being taken away from us.

It was disheartening to see the masses being swayed over the junk science that was used to promote the use of masks. The masks have done nothing to stop the spread of the Covid. The masks have done nothing to improve our lives. The masks have made the people who commanded us to wear them rich. Stop and think about what is really going on around about you. Open your eyes and see the truth for what it really is. We have been part of a great experiment. This experiment was used to show those behind the scenes how quickly we will lay down our God given rights in the name of an emergency. The mask was the ultimate test and the mask mandate showed the truth about the inability of American’s to think critically for themselves.

Those who challenged the evidence against the masks were quickly silenced. If they could not silence them, they found ways to make them look like buffoons and clowns for the purposes of discrediting them. There was a lot of ground lost because of these masks. The spirit of condemnation has taken root in many people because they believed the lies that they were doing something by wearing a mask. Yes, they were doing something. They were giving up their right of choice. They were giving up their freedom to make decisions for themselves. I abhor these masks and everything that they have come to symbolize for us as Americans. This is a big loss in my eyes.

People have lost the ability to think and make decisions for themselves. Simple, everyday decisions are now being turned over to those in the government. This is something that I believe the Founding Fathers of our country did not want to happen. They would not be pleased with the amount of control that we have willingly given to the government. They believed in freedom from the government. They never liked the thought that government would control every aspect of our existence. This is what they were running from when they left England.

Where are the great thinkers of our time? Without great thinkers and people with common sense, where are we headed? I believe in many forms we are headed into mental slavery. There is a mental slavery that has taken place through conditioning. If you don’t believe me, look at the people who have taken the vaccine and are still wearing the mask. They are supposed to be “safe” and “free” from being able to be infected. Yet they cannot bring themselves out of the guilt trip that has been laid upon them to take the masks off.

There were many confrontations that took place over these masks. Arguments were often reported breaking out in grocery stores and businesses because of someone not wearing a mask. People took pleasure at enforcing the mask mandates. It was almost like a vigilante anointing fell upon the crowds. They felt justified in harassing people who chose not to wear a mask. This is another danger that took root within our society. People tattle telling on one another. “Oh That Would Never Happen!” “Really now?” Let me help you see the whole picture.

Remember the people who were arrested because someone was upset that they did not have a mask on? They were outside at an event where according to the junk science you didn’t need to wear a mask. Yet, those people in the crowd saw fit to turn them in. Open your eyes and see what is really happening to our freedoms. They are being erased. The mask was just the beginning.

We have descended into new lows because of peer pressure. These new lows are a direct result of the fear that was spread by the propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, our friendly American Press. The Press made sure that the message about not wearing masks was beaten into our heads. There was no stopping it. Look at us today. Many States have lifted the mask mandates and people are afraid to leave their home without a mask. There are still people walking around outside with the masks on.

This is all driven by fear through the Press and misinformation. The Press is being used to force Americans into taking the vaccine. They are holding lotteries, giving away monies and gifts all in the name of the government pushing a vaccine upon you that has not been properly tested nor is the vaccine actually made from the cultures of the real virus. Where does this end? It ends with us being enslaved.

For this Independence Day, consider all that has been going on. Consider what we are supposed to be as a free people. Start remembering the rights that we were afforded by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These documents have not changed, and neither should we. Selah.

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