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Worthy to be Censored

Good news, I have been counted worthy to be among those who have been censored for their support for President Trump. I am excited. I am not upset. I am so happy to be apart of the club.

Youtube sent me a nice little note on March 2, 2021 for a podcast that I created about President Trump @ CPAC. The podcast is titled, "CPAC Trump Truth Unleashed" - See embed below to listen to it. Youtube removed it from my Youtube page but fortunately, I own it and it remains on my podcast host.

Look at this beautiful notice. Love it.

Youtube cannot shut me up. I am all for their rights as a company to control what is posted on their site. They did, I am not complaining about that. I don't agree with them removing my content because it doesn't fit their personal beliefs. The more they silence us, the more they show that they have something to hide.

I don't agree with them trying to stop me from reporting on what President Trump said at CPAC. What gives them the right to keep people from reporting on the truth. You cannot silence the voices who are telling the truth. I am glad that I have my own podcast website. I am glad that the truth will forever be held there. I want you to recognize that the powers that be are continuously monitoring everything that we do.

I want you to recognize that the powers that be are continuously monitoring everything that we do. Social media is social media. I was recently censored by Facebook. I had a post about President Trump. I wanted to boost it. Facebook didn't like so they refused to boost my post. It's their company. It's their rules but again what are they afraid of? The truth. We will not be silenced. We will not be pushed around. People are seeking for truth.

See what Facebook said when they rejected my boost.

Help me and other people out who are just reporting the truth. Spread this around. Share this post, share this podcast, let people know that the truth is still gonna be heard. You can listen at my podcast in the player below.

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