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When God Does New Things…

Change is never an easy thing. Recognizing that God is moving in a different way is hard for us humans to understand. To learn something about God is exciting. We are not even operating at 10% of our brain capacity, and when we learn how to flow in God, we have the tendency to build a monument to that thing we have learned. For example, Churches were started based upon a misinterpretation of the scripture in regards to snakes. Paul was bitten by a viper and did not die. So, humans decided to build a church off the idea that you must prove that you really love God by taking a snake and handling it. This is not what God intended.

So, the monuments to the snake-handling movement were built upon erroneously by these groups followers and continues to grow. Humans want to have an interactive relationship with God. As soon as we know that we are gaining some wisdom and insight into how God operates, we get excited and want to take that thing and run with it. There is nothing wrong with excitement about growing in God. However, when that excitement turns into a fixation on the method of building an anointed atmosphere instead of loving the Creator of that atmosphere, then we humans are cursing ourselves to an existence where we are not walking in the Spirit.

The curse comes when we fail to flow in the Spirit. Our failure to flow in the Spirit keeps us from seeing the new things that God is bringing. If you are ridged and hard-hearted, you will not be open to God’s Spirit moving. Nor will you be open to God’s Spirit when He changes direction or adds a new thing into your understanding of Him. This is a great point of failure within the Body of Christ. This often leads to God’s new thing being shunned, laughed at, and misunderstood by those who have built monuments to the old thing that God was doing. We have to learn to not do as the Scribes and Pharisees did. They were quick to build monuments to their rules and regulations. They were even quicker to chastise you if you failed to honor their monuments.

The Scribes and Pharisees failed to learn the new thing that Jesus was trying to bring into their lives. Jesus was a forerunner for His time. Forerunners are often out of step with most of the people that are around them. They are walking in the Spirit. Those who aren’t walking in the Spirit cannot perceive the new things that God is doing. This doesn’t mean we throw out the old when the new comes. On the contrary, there is a building together of the old and the new within the Kingdom of God. We fail to see that everything in the Kingdom is built upon layers. God has been saying for years that “Deliverance is the Children’s bread.” Meaning that it is supposed to be normal for us to work in the gift of discerning and casting out spirits. Each thing that we learn is supposed to be applied to the last thing we learned.

God has been saying that we don’t use all the weapons at our disposal. At the same time God is bringing new weapons like the courtroom to destroy the enemy’s kingdom. We cannot be said to be in the Spirit if we are not in line with the things that God is doing. We are quick to hunt and tear down things that we think are not God. An important question for you to consider… In your hunt to search and destroy are you really being a hindrance to God’s Spirit? When God does new things are you working with Him or are you working against Him? Change is change. You can make your change hard or you can just flow with God.

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