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The Most Hated Man In Hell

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How would you like to be the most hated man/woman in Hell? Next to Jesus Christ that is. How would you like to have to fight every demon in Hell over and over and over again with no end in sight? Hell has a most hated list and former President Donald J. Trump is on that list. When you have an assignment from God the enemy works overtime against you to keep you from fulfilling that assignment.

No one really understands what former President Trump and his family had to endure to stand and fulfill his duties. While he had many who supported him and loved him there was an equal amount of people who hated him just because of who he was. They chose to ignore everything that he was doing in the present and focus on things or events that took place in his past. The ones who were ridiculing President Trump the most were being used by the enemy to beat him down.

Could you function under this type of attack? Would you be able to smile, hold your head up high and continue to do what God had called you forth to do? Former President Trump has intestinal fortitude, a backbone of steel, and a forehead of flint. He was never afraid to do what was right or bring the truth into any situation that he faced. The world could not understand him because the world does not have the same father as former President Trump.

When you open up your eyes and look into the Spirit realm, you can see satan and his demons laughing with glee at former President Donald J. Trump. They delighted in doing everything in their power to come against him and his family. They did not spare any trick or trap. They used everything including the kitchen sink to take him down. This was an all-out assault from the enemy. But God has the last laugh and the last say.

There are many similarities between former President Trump and Jesus. Never underestimate the poise, power, and grace that former President Trump walks in. He carries himself well and he never acts discouraged or downtrodden when things do not go his way. We will never know how hard the fight was that took place behind the scenes. This truly was a battle of light versus darkness.

This is the main battle that will always take place for God’s people. If you are light you will run to the light but if you are dark the light will irritate you and cause you to walk in hatred. This hatred can be used as a weapon to destroy anything that is good around about you. This hatred stirred up the enemy against former President Trump.

Former President Donald J. Trump had to fight this onslaught with little to no help from those around about him. If it were not for God training him in his earlier years President Trump would be in the mental institution. Could you really stand to be the most hated in the world? What a daunting task.


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