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The Fight Is On… Update on Fix 2020 First

Believe it or not, we are still in the fight to save our Country. We must continue to pray for President Trump, Mike Lindell and his team. We must pray that hearts are changed and prepped to receive the truth. The practice of true journalism has disappeared in this country. There is very little active reporting on the election fraud of 2020. This does not mean that the election fraud did not take place. It did. The strength of the lies that are being told continues to prove that the efforts of the enemy are strong. Voices in our favor continue to be silenced and ridiculed for speaking the truth. Nevertheless, we shall prevail.

The truth about what is going on is being kept from the General Public. Mike Lindell and his team are leading the charge to Fix2020 First. They have a variety of strategies and plans in place to get the truth out about the election fraud that took place on November 3. You can visit to see detailed information about the voting machines and how they were rigged by Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. to vote against President Trump. On December 14, 2021 Mike Lindell appeared on a Rumble broadcast called “Flashpoint”. On this broadcast Lindell shared that the following States Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, & Wisconsin have 6 months’ worth of evidence that legally gives them the right to decertify the “Electoral College Votes” that were submitted for each of their respective States.

Lindell and his team have taken up the charge to bring credible evidence about the fraud that took place in these 5 States. They also have gathered evidence in the remaining 45 States but these 5 States (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, & Wisconsin) can be quickly used to decertify the election of 2020. It is not clear Constitutionally what will happen at this point. After decertification, the “Electoral College Votes” will not automatically go back to President Trump. They are not sure if there will be some type of “special election” or reassigning of the “Electoral College Votes”.

The strategy at this point in time is to get this evidence to the Supreme Court via the State Attorneys’ Generals for each individual State. The State Attorneys’ Generals have the legal standing before the Supreme Court to present their evidence. Lindell says that if just 3 of the 5 states decertify, this will pull the “Electoral College Vote” for Biden below 270 and this will force some type of action to invalidate the election. Lindell and his team are working feverishly to prove by a preponderance of evidence that fraud took place.

The work is paying off. On November 24, 2021, A Sherriff in Racine County, Wisconsin announced formal charges of election fraud against 5 of the 6 Election Commission Members for a voter fraud scheme involving an assisted living community. This alone gives the State Legislators the right to decertify Wisconsin’s electoral college votes because they were cast illegally. Lindell reports that they actually have a Republican legislator that will pull them down, he just needs one more Senator in his State to agree with him. Pray that Wisconsin does the right thing. Pennsylvania has a law that says they cannot have more votes than voters. The actual vote count on the machines registered more votes than voters. Pennsylvania law says that you cannot turn in your electors from the “Electoral College” if you have more votes than voters. They have proven in Pennsylvania by the voter rolls that their election is invalid. And they found in Maricopa County, Arizona 37, 000 people’s names were used twice or three times to vote in 2020. Arizona’s “Electoral College Votes” can be pulled down at any time. Georgia and Michigan are in similar positions.

We must continue to do battle in the Spirit realm. Let’s keep Mike Lindell and the team covered. The Fight Is On…

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