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The Case for War with Iran

The peace treaties that the Church has with satan must be nullified. Some members of the Church do not like to fight the enemy. They like to fight the leaders in the Church, they like to fight other people in the Church but when it comes to fighting the enemy, do not ask them to do this. They cannot stomach this. They in effect have a peace treaty that goes like this, “Satan if you leave me alone, I will leave you alone?”

As it is in the spiritual realm, so it is in the natural realm. The Church being the spiritual influence over this Nation. The people of this nation know what evil is, they know what evil does but as long as it can be said that evil is not in their house, it is not in their family, then they have NO interest in fighting evil. They would rather go on their merry way, laughing and drinking; dancing and singing themselves right into hell.

Fortunately, God has placed President Trump in office, and he is not like this. He engages the enemy. He is not afraid to fight him and go after him when the time and the opportunity is right. There has to be a reckoning for the enemies of the United States and there are gonna be times when the collective peace treaty with the devil has to be broken.

We can no longer afford to live under this mentality that, “Devil, I won’t go after you, if you promise to not go after me.” The enemies of this Nation see this as weakness and they are exploiting us on all sides and in every way that they can.

People are upset that President Trump is “fighting” with China over their taxes (tariffs) that they have placed on our goods and services being sold by us the Americans to the Chinese. President Trump said this is not fair to us. So if you tax our goods and services coming into your country, we are going to do the same thing to you. If you harm us, we are going to harm you. Same scenario with many other things that President Trump is doing for this nation. He is going after all the areas where we have been disrespected by foreign powers like Iran.

Iran shot down our drone in June of 2019. We did nothing. Iran took ten of our Navy men and humiliated them before the world. We did nothing. Iran took money from us on many occasions, money that was happily given by Obama to the tune of 1 Billion dollars. We did nothing. Iran is the number one world-wide state-sponsor of terrorism acts against Israel and the United States. We do nothing.

Yet President Trump is accused of being a war-mongering demon by his own people. What is wrong with President Trump doing his job and protecting the interests of this country?


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