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The Body of Christ Does Not Know What Revival Is...

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Christopher shares thoughts and insights about an article about "What Revival Is Not!"

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What Revival Is Not.. Change Needed in the Body of Christ

As the darkness gets darker, the Remnant is being moved into position to be used of God to bring the supernatural into this earth realm. Many people in the Church think that they know what revival is. It is sad to say and even see that people still have no idea why God gives us the anointing. I often marvel at how people do not understand the importance of honoring and reverencing the Holy Spirit when He moves upon us.

I still see people taking it for granted that the Holy Spirit is always going to be amongst us. It seems like a lesson that should have been learned when God stopped the revival over 20 years ago. What does it take for us His children to recognize His presence and not just take it for granted. God has been doing some powerful things in our fellowship. It has been awesome to feel the presence of God in such strong ways. But I still see people treating the presence of God as a light thing. This bothers me in my heart.

The Body of Christ in general in the United States is about to go under severe persecution and who knows what God will decide when this occurs. God may decide to not allow us to feel His presence when this deep persecution comes in its fullness. God may decide to allow His presence to be upon us to do signs, wonders, and miracles; but He may choose to keep us from feeling it the way we do now. I don't think this would be a punishment so to speak, however it would be a swift reminder to never take His Presence for granted. I'm not saying this is going to happen but the lack of reverence for the Holy Spirit stopped the revival that God was doing over 20 years ago.

Revival is not what we feel. I've seen and observed a Revivalist go through severe trauma yet the Lord uses this revivalist to speak and bring the presence of God so strong that it changes the whole atmosphere. Many people do not understand or even see what this Revivalist goes through on a day-to-day basis. It doesn't matter what this Revivalist is currently going through. They have the complete ability to yield to the Holy Spirit no matter what they feel. This overrides any of their personal feelings. Their job is just to bring the Presence of God to His people at all costs. I don't feel like the Body of Christ understands it is a great price that is paid by these Revivalists.

Many people look at the fame and notoriety of some prophets, teachers and evangelists of the Word of God and they believe that this is a sign that they are Revivalists. This is the furthest thing from the truth. I'm not saying these prophets, teachers, and evangelists are bad. What I am saying is that the Body of Christ has the Presence of God twisted up. The Body of Christ really doesn't understand what God is saying and doing right now. Our eyes are fixed on the wrong thing when it comes to revival. We believe that revival is big crowds and long services. The greatest revivals are taking place right now. It's in the small hidden places, where the ground is hard and only the anointing can destroy the hardness of that ground. A true Revivalist doesn't care about all of that, they know what their job is. They are just to be the vessel that could be used at any time, under any circumstance. They give the Holy Spirit a vessel to work through so that the Holy Spirit can meet the needs of God's people.

It is my prayer that the Body of Christ soon realizes this mistake and gets it together quickly. We do not have another 40 years to waste in the wilderness. God is moving, right now. with or without the Body of Christ. His truth is marching on, and His revivalists are open to do whatever He wants them to do. Selah!

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