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Never In History Would We Have Imagined These Outcomes...

Monthly Newsletter Article for September/October 2021

This statement can be applied to many situations in our lives on many different levels. Let’s go back to September 11, 2001. Prior to this date would you have ever imagined a group of people being so committed to wreaking havoc upon America that they would actually take Jumbo Jets and fly them into buildings? The World Trade Center Towers fell, and the Pentagon suffered major damage because of these people. This was out of the realms of what we think possible.

Prior to 2020 could you have ever imagined our entire country being on complete lockdown with your very movements being restricted from City to City, State to State? Or not having enough toilet paper and cleaning supplies to stock your home? Or having to stand in line at the grocery store and be limited to single item purchases because no one knew when the next truck was coming in with supplies? Did you ever imagine that this would occur in America? Did you ever imagine being forced to wear a mask in public places? Never.

What about schools? Would you have ever imagined Colleges and Universities charging students the same exact price for an online education versus an in-person education? Prior to the lockdown would these schools have permitted online learning? How about our grade-school aged children? Did you ever imagine that this whole system would be limited to online learning and virtually closed for an entire school year in some areas at the suggestion that there was no other alternative? What about the loss of services to those students who needed Individualized Education Plans? What type of setbacks have they experienced because of this?

How about the Churches? Would you have ever imagined that multitudes of Churches would close their doors forever? They would not refuse to bow their knee to the government nor put up any resistance? And now they are closed. Did you ever imagine that some Churches would make the choice to go online like the Televangelists they spent time ridiculing? Did you ever imagine that some Churches would be under attack and persecuted because they did not close their doors? Did you ever imagine that the voice of the Church would be silenced and that our Freedom to assemble would be threatened as it has? Did you ever imagine that people would be arrested for singing worship songs to the Lord outside of their Church? Never.

Let’s not forget the abuse of power by some of our elected officials. Did you ever imagine a time when men and women who knew right from wrong would stand by and let our Constitutional Rights be thrown out the window? Did you ever imagine a time where the Supreme Court of the United States would refuse to do its job in the name of, “We don’t want to cause riots in the streets!” Did you ever imagine a time where a President was removed from Office by false pretenses, and no one had the intestinal fortitude to stand with him and defend the Constitution of the United States? Or what about the loss of trust in our system because votes were electronically inserted into the voting machines under false pretenses?

This is just a snapshot of the things that have been happening in America. I have to ask you. If you could have never imagined these things happening, how could you realistically prepare for them? How could you strategize against them and build a defense to keep these things from happening? There is no easy answer to these questions because the reality is that no one ever saw these things coming. You have to stop and think about this. You have to put some thought into what is really going on behind the scenes.

Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour. {I Peter 5: 8 Amp}

I am not seeking to assign blame upon anyone. No, I am trying to get you to see that unless God had revealed what was going to happen in all of these cases, we in our human finite minds could not possibly imagine the enemy coming up with these types of attacks and devices to trip us up. We have to learn from all of these scenarios and begin to think differently about them. We need to reverse engineer each of these scenarios and then be open the Holy Spirit to speak strange and unusual things to us.

In my heart of hearts, I know that God shared what was going to happen with each of these events and circumstances prior to them happening. I know this because God honors His Word. “Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His secret plan [of the judgment to come] to His servants the prophets.” {Amos 3: 7 Amp} God cannot lie. So, what does this mean? We either have to become these prophets or be discerning enough to hear these prophets in the midst of the clamor of the well-known prophets in the Church. This is an important lesson for the Church to learn right now.

How many more of these “Never in History Would We Have Imagined” events are going to occur? We cannot be “bandwagon prophets” where we just prophesy everything that everyone else says. There has to be a push in your Spirit man to want to go deeper in the prophetic realm than where we are at now. We have to stop prophesying about the mundane things of this world and go to the deeper place where secrets like these are revealed. I believe in my heart that God wants to take us there. But we have to start from a place of humility. Which means you openly admit to God that you don’t know what is going on, you would like to know but the reality is you do not know. We cannot see everything that God sees. When we get to this level of humility then I believe God will open up the next level of prophetic to us and shows us what He sees.

It’s good to be in a company of prophets, there is safety there. There is nothing wrong with this, but we must know when we are to congregate with the prophets and when we are to separate ourselves from the group and the group think. It’s in this separation that you can be free to not get bogged down with thoughts of the group.

We have to go deeper, or we are gonna be just like everyone else caught wondering what is really going on. The next “Never in History Would We Have Imagined” event is coming. Will you be in a position to hear from God? Selah.

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