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Many Trojan Horses are Carrying Deception to Conservatives, Christians, & Republicans.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Many Trojan horses are carrying deception to Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans. The Body of Christ must have discernment in this hour. The enemy is looking to further steal, kill, and destroy and we are too willing to accept his victories in our lives. If the enemy is giving you something there is always a string attached to it. We must continue to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

We cannot get caught up in the trappings of the Conservative, Christian, and Republican viewpoints. At this given season Conservatives in the Republican Party are rejoicing at the seemingly good reporting against Biden. This reporting is making it look like the Democrats have had a change of heart and are NOW against Biden. There has to be an understanding that the enemy is calculated in everything that he does. He has a plan, and he is working that plan out. Don't get caught up in his plan.

It has been known for a long time that they (Democrats) were going to make a move to use the 25th amendment against Biden. This seems to be in full play right now with the situation that has taken place from Afghanistan. We must remain neutral and observant of everything that is going on right now. We cannot jump on bandwagons. We cannot jump into the crowd scene and do what everyone else is doing. We need to be thinking with the mind of Christ and not with the mind of the world. What the Press is presenting right now looks like a victory for Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans. Is it possible that we are going to cosign with a Trojan Horse from the enemy?

isn't it amazing how fast the Press has taken their swords and began to use them against Biden? There is a plan that the enemy is using right now, and we must take a step back and not allow him to push us into his plan. This Trojan Horse regarding this Afghanistan situation is “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!” Please ask the Lord to give you discernment and wisdom so that you can understand what is really going on right now.

The American people have entered into so many levels of deception regarding the Presidency of the United States that it is very difficult for them to see what the truth is. They're being force fed lies and these lies have given birth to the political climate that we are now in. This climate is dangerous. This climate is setting the United States up to be a part of the world system. There are many different things going on right now regarding the abandoning of Biden. What are they trying to set up now? What are they trying to get you to be accepting of? The thought being played out right now is, “We don't like Biden. Biden is incompetent. Therefore, Biden must go.” But who is going to replace Biden?

In some Conservative, Christian, Republican minds that replacement is going to be President Donald J. Trump. in the minds of the enemy that replacement is going to be Kamala Harris. We have to learn to discern what the end game of the enemy is. Just because we want something to happen, and we believe it is going to happen doesn't mean that the enemy is going to give that to us. We must stop blindly supporting the Press and the American media. We cannot join forces with them when it appears that they are giving us what we want.

Perception is everything. Misperception is easy to fall into. You must wake up and see what is really going on in this season. The Democrats have been planning to push Kamala Harris into office from the very first day that Biden was sworn in. Don't be a part of this plan. We must stay separate in our belief that President Trump is the rightful President who should be seated in that office today. Please don’t fall for the Trojan Horse.


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