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Hostage Crisis: America Under Siege

Updated: May 23, 2021

On January 6, 2021 America as we know it was taken into captivity. America is being held hostage by those in the government who love darkness more than the light. America is being kidnapped by those who want to be bring globalization to the world. Globalization is the process by which all nations give up their individual rights as nations. By doing this there is a creation of a world community that lives together without one nation being dominant over another nation. The belief is that the wealthier nations like America are intentionally keeping the smaller nations in poverty and because of this there is conflict in our world.

There are leaders in America who are trying to remove our sense of duty to this country by making it politically incorrect to love America. The reasoning behind this is to get America in line with the other nations of the world. The other nations of this world have agreed with giving up their individual nations rights and joining forces together as one world organization, globalization. These people are aligned with the antichrist spirit and they are working to bring about the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel 7.

“Thus he said: ‘The fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all other kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, trample it and break it in pieces.” {Daniel 4: 23}

At some point in God’s timeline of eternal events the enemy is going to be let loose to devour the whole earth. God already has said that the enemy has been turned loose on the earth to make war with the Saints. He is doing this. The enemy has been persecuting Christians with a greater intensity in this time period. His plan to destroy America has been at work for quite some time. The outcry against America by other nations who believe in globalization shows that they don’t agree with our belief that we should love our country. Other nations of the world hate us because of our beliefs, and they are being taught that we are dangerous to them because of what Adolf Hitler did to Germany.

There is an extreme level of deception at play when it comes to understanding the difference between a true evil dictator, like Hitler, who had ulterior motives from the outset and a true leader, like President Trump, who just wants what is best for his country. Many people still to this day equate President Trump and Adolf Hitler as equals. The believe that the events that occurred on January 6, 2021 is the proof that they needed to show how dangerous President Trump was.

The enemy used January 6, 2021 as a false flag event to cause the antichrist leaders in this country to point the finger of blame at supporters of President Trump. When a fake riot was staged at the Capitol on January 6, the enemy put his plan in motion and caused havoc. The enemy made it look like supporters of President Trump started the riots at the Capitol. The truth is and the evidence is clear that these riots were started by people who are supporters and believers that America is keeping the rest of the nations of this world from being united as one. They believe this. They believe that as long as we love America and hold it dear in our hearts we are stopping peace from entering into the world.

This is why we have been taken captive by Biden and those who support the agenda of the antichrist. Everyone who was on the side of evil on January 6, 2021 immediately let their true colors be known. They started condemning the wrong set of people. They placed all the blame on President Trump and his supporters. Neither President Trump nor his supporters were responsible for the acts of destruction and loss of life that took place in the Capitol.

There should be no confusion about this. When the enemy has his sway over the hearts and minds of the people, he does a lot of damage. The fight that started against President Trump began with the ideology that it was bad to love your country. They have tied this ideology to Adolf Hitler’s love for country and are equating President Trump with the evil that was committed by Hitler.

“Hitler thought that the spirit of Nationalism and a feeling for social justice must be fused into one sentiment in the hearts of the German youth; ‘then a day would come when a nation of citizens would arise which would be welded together through a common love and a common pride that would be invincible and indestructible forever.’” {Hitler, A, Mein Kampf, p. 387}

They have taken the mistakes and evil that was Adolf Hitler and tied them to the “Make America Great Again” movement. This movement was not birth out of racism, or hatred for other nations. It was birthed out of a need to restore hope in the promises that God gave our founding fathers. The promises being that we as a free people can enjoy the fruits of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The enemy knows exactly what he is doing. The enemy caused the fear in people to be stirred up against President Trump and his supporters. This fear came because of a lack of knowledge of the truth. This fear came because evil men took the truth and twisted it to their own desires.

Hitler used the love of country as an excuse to raise up killers and murderers to remove anyone who stood in his way. President Trump used the love of country to restore honor and dignity back into the hands of the people. While Hitler was a strong advocate for the Nation of Germany, President Trump did not want the United States Government to take control of the people and remove the rights of the people. This is evident in the tons of government regulations that President Trump eliminated during his first term as President. President Trump removed the shackles from the people.

The enemy caused many good people to be blinded to the truth. The enemy’s true goal in this season is to unite every nation together as one. It is prophecy being fulfilled and one by one each nation in this world is bowing its knee to the ideology that it is bad to love your individual country that you were born into. They are teaching this in their schoolhouses. They are promoting this in their media and many do not see the agenda of the antichrist at work around the world and in America.

America is under siege. We are being attacked as part of a bigger agenda by the enemy. This push to bring about the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel 7 is real. This plan is being carried out on a worldwide scale. We have been kidnapped and are being held hostage by the enemy. [i]


(This article appeared in the monthly newsletter More Than Enough for May 2021


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