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Happy to Vote... As Always!

While it sucked to have this mask on, we are proud to be citizens of the United States. We are excited to participate in this years election. God Bless America. From our small town of Smyrna, the citizens are gathering.

The residents of Smyrna are also happy and excited to be participating. We love our town. Smyrna proud. Our experience, everyone was eager to be there and happy to vote. Some brought their kids with them. No one was hindered by the crisp 48 degree temperature.

We made it to the door. Still feeling eager to get to the machine. You could feel the excitement of those in line with us as the thought of being out of the cold windy air and inside that nice warm building.

We are done, It's time to get yours. Voting the American privilege and American right. Only negative was they did not have the little stickers. Some traditions have to die.

Happy Voting day everyone.

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Thanks for joining us!

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