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Give the Gift of Love

Find a lonely heart and give them the gift of love that is down on the inside of you. For this Christmas season pay close attention to those that you are around every day. Look at their faces, look at their reactions, and see how they are really handling life. You can make a difference for them. You can change the very course of the path that they are on by giving of the love that is down on the inside of you.

God gave you this love to share. He never meant for you to keep this love to yourself. God intended for you to share this love with those that are around about you. This love is not just for your family, your friends, or your coworkers. It is also for those you have no current relationship with. Learn to reach out, learn to go beyond your comfort zone and give the gift of love. You would be surprised at the impact that your love being shared with other people can change them forever.

When you practice this type of love it is like medicine for the soul. It heals not only the one you are sending it too but also the innermost parts of your being. There is a selfish reason to reach out to others in love to share that which you have been given. By being loving and being kind, you are using the gift that God has given you to spread His Kingdom abroad. Do not do this with the intention of getting something back. Share the love that you have inside freely with no expectations or conditions.

Allow yourself to grow to another level of freedom by sharing the love that God has given you. You will have to take chances on people. You will need to be prepared to have your love misunderstood. Do not allow this to stop you from giving the love that God has given you with everything that is within you. Be free to be the son or daughter that God has called you forth to be. Ask God to open up your eyes in a new way. Ask Him to show you those who are deeply lonely on the inside, and then give them love.

Open up your heart to the Father like never before and allow Him to breathe into you His very breath and His ability. The Bible says that God is love. Because God is love we can be love also. We can make choices that will bring love to bear in the hearts of those who do not feel love. These hearts have been abused, trampled upon, and overlooked. These hearts feel like they have no where to go. We can make the difference; we can set things right and bring love into situations that look hopeless. Find a lonely heart and give them the best gift they could ever have. Love. This is God’s way.

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