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From the Very Beginning, There was a Price on Jesus’ Head.

“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star [a]in the east and have come to worship Him.” When Herod the king heard this, he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him.” Matthew 2: 2 – 3 (Amp).

A great disturbance took place when Jesus came on the scene. This disturbance affected everyone in proximity to Jesus. Herod was an agent of the enemy who went forth under the enemy’s influence seeking to kill Jesus. Herod sent word throughout the land and via the Magi that he was looking for Jesus. Herod made it seem like he was going to worship Jesus. Herod’s real intent was to kill Jesus.

The Bible goes on to say that Herod put a contract out on all male children two years old and younger. A slaughter commenced and every male baby two years and younger died. It was sad but this event triggered one of the greatest miracles that came out of the birth of Jesus Christ. We learned through this event about God's ability to hide Jesus and keep Him safe so that God’s purposes could be brought forth.

Some in the Body of Christ become melancholy at the hint of a fight or a battle. Often slipping into waves of self-pity and navel gazing. During this Christmas season stop and consider this miracle that took place. This miracle enabled the baby Jesus to survive. All of Hell was sent after Him to find Him and kill Him. Nevertheless, God kept Him safe until His appointed hour of death some thirty-three years later. There was a price on Jesus’ head.

The Bible does not expound on this but how many times did the enemy get close to Jesus and almost kill Him at different points throughout His life? How many times did the angels set up ambushes against the forces of darkness that were trying to take Jesus out? There were plots and conspiracies against Jesus every day of His life. The enemy worked feverishly to try and stop the plan of God but the enemy did not succeed. When all was said and done, God’s perfect will was made manifest and Jesus went on to complete His mission for God.

Consider this. There is a price on your head as well. The enemy wants to stop you just like he wanted to stop Jesus. It’s up to you to persevere, stick it out, and tough it out so that God’s purposes for your life can take place. It doesn’t matter what the enemy does to try and stop you, God has your back and is performing the miracles that you need to survive.

We are on the verge of seeing so many wonderful things. It would be awful to get this far and not get to see the ‘Greater glory’ that has been promised to us because we became afraid of the threats of the enemy. Nothing can happen to you unless God allows it. Every day you are experiencing the miracles of Christmas in the way that God provides for your safety and well-being. You are blessed. May you remember the many miracles that God did for the baby Jesus. Merry Christmas!

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