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Delaware’s Proposed Equal Rights Amendment

The devil continues to destroy this country from his newest stronghold in Delaware. His latest plan involves House Bill (HB) 199 which proposes to change the Delaware Constitution by creating an amendment that will give rights to the LGBTQAI+ community. HB 199 is being called the Equal Rights Amendment.

This is very disturbing to report but we need to be in prayer about this situation. We cannot forget that Biden lives in Delaware. Because of this, Delaware now houses the strongest demonic principality and power in the entire United States. This is a call to all intercessors take this seriously. The things that occur legally and spiritually in Delaware are literally affecting the entire country. In 2020 Delaware elected its first openly transgender senator, Sarah McBride. Sarah used to be Tim McBride. The transgender community has the full support of Biden.

Biden has been quoted as far back as 2012 (While he was Vice President under Obama) saying that, “Transgender Discrimination is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time.” Biden overturned President Trumps ban on transgenders in the military, and recently appointed Rachel Levine to a position four-star admiral in the Health Service Corps. There is nothing new under the sun but the agenda that now comes from the LGBTQAI+ community has in the past and will continue in the future to have the full backing and support of Joe Biden. Biden resides in Greenville, Delaware. Think about this. He is supposed to be in the White House attending to his Presidential responsibilities, yet he often remains in Delaware. Why? Biden attended former Governor Ruth Ann Minner’s funeral this week. Why? What’s the tie between all of this? I don’t know but there is something that we are not seeing.

Behind the scenes in the Delaware Legislature this commitment to LGBTQAI+ community is ongoing. In September HB 224 was passed and is awaiting signature of the Governor. Once signed the legal framework needed to protect the LGBTQAI+ community from discrimination will be in place. However, they are not stopping with State law, they are now moving to change the Constitution of Delaware. Sitting in Committee right now is HB 199, an act to change Delaware’s Constitution with an amendment which will make the LGBTQAI+ have rights “protected” by Delaware’s Constitution. This is setting the framework the LGBTQAI+ community to be a protected class of people.

We have HB 224 why do we need HB 199? The claim is being made that this needs to be done in order to secure the civil rights of the members of the LGBTQAI+. This is far from the truth. Delaware has enacted State law to help curb and discourage discrimination against this community from taking place. What this new agenda is aiming to do will cause religious organizations, non-profits, and Churches to lose their constitutional right to run their organizations without interference from the LGBTQAI+ community.

This represents a change in strategy from the enemy. They're no longer attacking what is being preached behind the pulpits. This new strategy involves infiltration of the organization by claiming discrimination. If they make this a constitutional right through the law this will enable the members of the LGBTQAI+ community to be seated on boards, take positions on staff, and other strategic places of interest inside of religious organizations, non-profit organizations, and churches. Can you imagine the chaos this will create inside of these organizations? This is not about civil rights. This is not about this community being discriminated against. This really is about silencing Churches and the people of God. We have a lot to be watching and praying about.

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