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Defeating Diabetes Mellitus Spiritually - Notes

Disclaimer, "I am not a medical doctor. This is not to be taken as medical advice. Please take your medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Diabetes is no joke, it can really destroy your life in an instant. For some people denial of this disease brings on many complications. We cannot ignore what is going on in our bodies. God would like for you to deal with your illness. I don't have all the answers. Only God does and some of these things that I suggest may not work for you. Meaning these spirits may not be lying dormant inside of you.

But if they are you can rest assured that God has the power and authority to set you free from these spirits. I am reading an exorcism book by Win Worley, "Freedom From the Hosts of Hell" - Click Here. It was very insightful and I hope that you purchase it.

We have to take charge of our lives. Sometimes situations and circumstances push you into a hole. This hole can be a grave if you allow it. Don't allow it. Fight. Partner with God and fight the demons that are tied to Diabetes Mellitus and get your life back. You need to know what you are fighting so that you can you fight from a position of know.

Excess sugar in your blood gets converted into fat. When your insulin drops your blood becomes thicker. This is why a diabetic has problems with the areas in the body that have smaller blood vessels. This thick blood has a difficult time moving through these blood vessels and causes complications in your organs.

So let's look at what goes on spiritually. This list is not comprehensive. This is a guide the Holy Spirit may show you other spirits that are tied to your specific case. Follow the Holy Spirit, He will never lead you astray.

The following are spirits that are directly tied to Diabetes Mellitus.

  1. Diabetes (means running through) mellitus – ruler spirit that comes through my bloodline and ancestral curses. {Ask God to show you what has went on in your ancestry. This will be key to defeating the generational curses and sin iniquities that can keep open doors for diabetes mellitus to stay in your body. You want to close these doors and keep them closed.}

  2. Doorkeeper of Insulin. (This is important to remember to remove the demons that may be present keeping your blood sugar from being regulated. Some diabetics cannot eat anything because this part of their system is infected with these demons.)

  3. Despair and deception. (Some feel a sense of despair when it comes to dealing with this illness. Despair means the complete loss or absence of hope. You combine this with deception and you have a deadly combination that will cause you to throw in the towel and give up. The enemy loves when we quit. He loves when we lay down and quit. This makes his job of defeating us easier.)

  4. Self-rejection. (I will never understand but it happens to me, the enemy somehow gets in here and causes you to reject yourself. Many feel reject themselves because they take on ownership or responsibility for diabetes attacking their body. You need to change this mindset. You were attacked. You didn't raise your hand in the air and I say, "Please give me diabetes mellitus." It's not your fault that you were attacked. Stop rejecting yourself and start fighting the one who put this on your body, the enemy)

  5. Fear, anger, depression, hopelessness, guilt, and disparity (the quality or state of being different). {The enemy never plays fair, he will dog pile stuff on you in the hopes that he can take you out. So many other spirits jump into the fight to get you off the truth that you are under attack.}

  6. Stress, worry, anxiety. (You can seek to not allow stress to destroy you. You can get the peace of God to submerge. You can fight the aniety that your situation is never going to change. You don't have to accept these spirits. Fight them.)

  7. Animal spirits tied to insulin extracts. (Many people don't understand this but the Bible says the life of the flesh (nephesh) is in the blood. I found this great explanation... read this, "Genesis 2:7 is not the first usage of the term soul. It is present four times before in Genesis 1:20, 30 (where it’s translated, has life), and in Gen. 1:21,24 (creature). Notice that from Genesis 1:20 to 2:7 the term nephesh is used five times. Importantly, in English, the translators omitted it twice and used the translation creature twice and soul once. Check this for yourself using the Interlinear Bible at Sorry to insist on the details, but with this specific, very delicate subject, as you’ll see, the translators took certain liberties. The main one in these five verses is that every time nephesh refers to animals (fish, fowl, fauna), they either omitted it or used creature. Only when it comes to man, do they use soul. This point is essential because, from a Biblical Hebrew point of view, each animal and each man (i.e., human) is a nefesh, a soul, or a creature." source quoted from:

  8. Fatigue from infirmity spirits, migraine, headache, strokes (confusion, emotional torment, convulsion, unconsciousness, coma.) Spirit of confusion. Yes these are so real and so debilitating. This is the perfect weapon to destroy God's children. Cast them out and be free.

  9. Brute (Unteachableness) with rebellion and stupidity. (People can be so overwhelmed by everything above that they just tune out. They don't want to hear anything else. They don't want to know anything else and they become unteachable. Keep your spirit open and soft before the Lord.)

  10. Torment (This not fun. (This really is torment and the enemy knows this. This spirit has to be removed because the torment is real.)

Disclaimer, "I am not a medical doctor. This is not to be taken as medical advice. Please take your medications as prescribed by your doctor.


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