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Church Shootings, Evil Sign of the Times

On Sunday December 29, we saw two more attacks upon people of faith. The first attack took place in a synagogue in New York and the second in a church in Texas. Are these attacks just mere coincidence or are they apart of a coordinated attack? We will never get the truth from the media but those are walking in the Spirit know the answer all too well.

The antichrist spirit has been working steadily behind the scenes for years but now his attacks are becoming bolder and bolder. It should not be a surprise to you because the enemy of our souls is known for killing, stealing, and destroying at every turn. It has not been said enough we need to be constantly pleading the blood of Jesus Christ over ourselves and our families.

There is a coordinated attack by the enemy to destroy Jews and Christians alike. He does not care which one he takes out first. His goal is to destroy us all. We cannot ignore the evil signs of the times that are before us. These signs were placed in the Bible as road maps that point to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This is something that we all should be looking forward too with great hope and expectation. The hope that we the Bride will be reunited with the Bridegroom.

This battle with the antichrist spirit is a spiritual battle that cannot be fought with natural weapons. One of the greatest debates taking place right now is over “gun control” People who have positions of political authority over this nation, who have armed security personnel watching over there every move are working in conjunction with the antichrist spirit to have legally purchased firearms taken away from law-abiding citizens. This is being done because they believe that if they remove the guns off the street, that this world will be safer. They are trying to apply a natural solution to a spiritual problem.

This will not work and it is further playing into the hands of the antichrist. Once he completes his mission of removing all the guns from law-abiding citizens he will swoop down and take the spoils so to speak because there will be no one in the natural that can defeat this fallen spirit being. You cannot use natural weapons to destroy spiritual beings. God expects you to protect yourself and preserve life. If not he would not have permitted His disciples to carry swords. We cannot be stupid about what’s going on.

This battle that is coming will be won in the spirit. Trouble is coming. Will you be ready when it comes. This is an evil sign of the end times.


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