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Antichrist manifestation: Racism & Spirit of Division

‘In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.” {(I John 3: 10) NKJV}

The Apostle John spoke of the importance of love in I John 3 and it bears significance with the time that we live in now. The discipled whom Jesus loved, (John 20: 8) saw many terrible things about the times that were coming.

He knew prophetically that as the age of the antichrist spirit manifested love would grow cold. He gave this admonition as a warning and a reminder to the Body of Christ so that they would not live like the world. How would this be accomplished by loving our brother.

It is vexing to hear a person who calls themselves a child of God to spew words of hatred. It is even more vexing to see members of the Body of Christ divided by race. There shouldn’t be a White church, or a Black church, or a Hispanic church, or another kind of racial tag Church. We should all be known as Christians. Our identity should be Christ. Nor our race, nor our culture, nor our ethnic background.

The Church needs to heed the words of Apostle John and be the love that the world needs. How disgraceful it is that the spirit of division and racism are seen amongst our ranks. How disgraceful it is when people who are black, who profess to know Christ reverse discriminate against people who are white in the Church and the world. This ought not be.

How shameful is it when the spirit of division and racism are preached out of pulpits of churches and its accepted as ok? When will the Church become clean in this area? The mixed messages have to stop. President Trump honored many people this week. One was a Tuskegee Airmen who is 100 years old. President Trump promoted him to brigadier general. Second was a radio personality and commentator. President Trump gave him the Presidential medal of Freedom.

Leaders in the Church came against President Trump for doing this. Why? They are letting the antichrist spirit manifest in their hearts. These men both believe in America and have served in differing capacities for the good of all of America. They both were proud to receive the honors. This is something that should have been applauded by all. Instead it was the topic of discussion to further push the agenda of the antichrist. Hate will never win over love.

Church, we have to be love. We cannot get sucked into the things of this world. Racism and the spirit of division will take you to hell just the same as gluttony, drug abuse, whore-mongering, and pride. It’s all sin and none of it pleases God. Get into love and stay there. Heed the Apostle John’s warning.


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