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A Greater Separation Towards Evil

There is coming a greater separation between Church and State. The government will continue down the path of corruption and the perversion of truth will continue to grow at an exponential rate. I am coming for a pure spotless bride and with this comes a new understanding of what it means to live free from the influences of the world. My son had nothing in common with this world and I am taking My Church into this very same realm.

My light will bombard the darkness, and all will know that I am the one true, living God. Nothing escapes My eye and all who sin in My Houses will find Me lifting up their skirts. I am a triune God and My grace for the Church is drawing ever closer to its final ending point. Oh, there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth for all of the dirty deeds that have been done in the dark will be exposed and laid bare. Everything that is hidden will be brought out into the open. This will occur with seemingly no warning. Truth be told the warnings went unheeded, unlistened too and My hand will be forced to move against the sons of disobedience in My houses all across this land.

I am judging and My judgments will produce the righteousness that I have ordained for this hour. My people still do not understand that I am about My business. The Earth realm is going to grow darker and colder to My Spirit. I am moving but My people do not see Me nor do they perceive Me when I move. I am not coming in a way that will bring the Church glory. I am coming in a way that will bring Me glory.

There has never been big “I’s” and little “You’s” in My kingdom but some in My Church operate under this error. It will be to their own demise. Now this does not mean that there will be no leadership in My Houses. On the contrary, I am a God of order and I do everything decently. My Body keeps getting this wrong. They think because I have said no big “I’s” and little “You’s” that they were supposed to just let everyone go and do their own thing. Not so. Not now, nor ever. I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I never get out of order. Everything in My kingdom works in perfect harmony.

I fail not, neither do I change. I am constantly working to bring forth My plan and nothing that the enemy does can stop that plan from happening. My people just need to ask Me what is going on and I will freely tell them because I want them to know. I have never hid the truth from My true people. I have always shared the good with the bad. You must learn now in this season that you cannot have one without the other. There is a greater discernment coming to My body because there has been a failure to properly discern who is Mine and who is the enemies. This failure in leadership has caused My sheep to be destroyed.

My sheep are being destroyed because the wolves have come in and made sport of devouring My sheep. I could easily put a stop to this but I need for My body to get understanding in this End Time Hour. There is a responsibility that I place upon the watchmen. If they fail to do their job, they will be held accountable. You don’t understand what I am doing, and you are intermingling light with darkness. I have never called the two to intermingle. In fact, My Word says, “What fellowship does light have with darkness?” The Church keeps trying to fellowship with evil and then they get mad at Me when I have to slap their hand and tell them not to go that way.

The dirty dealings going on in your political leaders will be exposed in due season but what I need you to discern is the darkness that is in the hearts of My Church leaders. They are playing in the cesspools of this world and its system and nothing good will come out of this. I have called My body to come out from among them and be ye separate. You cannot do this if you are looking to gain favor and influence with the darkness that is in these corrupt political leaders. My Church has made side deals with these political leaders in My name. They are refusing to see what it is that I am doing and they are fighting against what I am doing. This will never work. This will manifest itself for what it really is, a second agenda. The only agenda that My body should be concerned with and working to enact is the agenda that I have put forth. I will drop those and cast them aside if they refuse to line up with the plan that I am pulling forth.

Many are going to find themselves naked and void of the anointing. They are going to go and move only to find out that My presence has abandoned them. Disobedience and rebellion to My ways will not be allowed to prosper and go forth as it has in the past. The battle has changed and intensified and so must My people. They must get in and prepare themselves to go into the deeper realms with Me. I will not allow My body to just do its thing anymore. There have always been consequences and repercussions for sin. This will be more evident than ever before. The Church age is drawing to a close. The new age that I am bringing forth will be filled with all new anointings. Anointings that I have reserved for those who have been faithful and obedient in this age. If I can’t trust you now, be for certain that I will not trust you in the age to come with these new anointings.

I have been working with My Church for a very long time. Some have quit and thrown in the towel. While others are standing with Me for every inch of ground that I give them. They are fighting the good fight and they shall reap their reward in this lifetime. My mind has not changed. Stay the course and understand these things that I am telling you for the hour is coming when there will be an even greater turmoil. The loss of life will be great, but it’s needed in order to accomplish My purposes in this Earth. I am working at getting the attention of My people, but some will fall never to be able to come back to Me again. This is not My doing. It is all there.

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