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3 Conclusions From Hell on President Trump

I will not withdraw my support for President Trump. This statement surprises many people to this day. Their reactions are somewhat similar, they either stare at me in disbelief, shake their head as if they pity me, or they immediately get angry. Either of these reactions shows me that they cannot believe what just came from my mouth. I am unbothered by their reactions, and this will not stop me from the decision that I made to stand with President Trump. President Trump has not been fairly treated.

What drives me to distraction is the consistency of message that comes from everyone who disagrees with me. I have no problem with the disagreement. I am glad that we all do not think alike and are not robotic in our political conclusions. I think without fail this is one of the freedoms that makes America great. We should have the freedom to pick and choose who we stand by politically.

I cease to be moved by the number of people who attempt to lovingly correct me and tell me that I am just as delusional as President Trump. I laugh internally at the seamless unity of Biden supporters, and I wonder if they realize that they all have taken up Biden’s cause to destroy America from the inside out. They have concluded three statements in their minds. These statements are false, but they cannot see where the truth is in these statements. They affirm these statements and miss the reality of where this country is at right now.

The first conclusion they profess is their distaste for Biden and his policies, but they would rather have him (Biden) in the Office of the President than that “Mad man President Trump.” I really don’t understand this level of commitment to keeping President Trump out. I marvel at the lack of understanding of what is really happening. I groan on the inside because at some level they do understand that Biden is destroying America but their hatred for President Trump compels them to join forces against him.

I believe that their inability to break away from this demonic unity from the antichrist spirit is the reason why they fight so hard against the truth. Internally, they know the difference between right and wrong, but they have become entrenched in deception. There is nothing that can be said, explained, or even exposed that will shake them from their positions. They are set on automatic and their freedom to think for themselves has been removed.

The second conclusion they profess is that I believe that President Trump is my personal savior. He is not. President Trump is not God. They believe that because I profess Christianity that the only reason, I support President Trump is directly tied to his profession of Christianity and his support of Israel. Bill Clinton professed Christianity and he did not draw my support. George W. Bush professed Christianity and he lost my support after he started doing things to hurt Israel. George W. Bush intentionally divided Israel on several occasions. So this conclusion that President Trump is my personal savior does not hold water for me.

Now, an interesting observation needs to take place with Biden supporters because they immediately attack President Trump’s salvation experience. They deny any chance of him having been converted to Christianity and when evidence is presented that supports a genuine conversion of President Trump the angry outburst began. They quite often confuse terminologies and twist scriptures to try and establish their beliefs that President Trump is not saved, is of the devil, and is a lunatic. They deny President Trump any forgiveness for his past sins, current sins, future sins, bankruptcies, divorces, and public appearances with high-profile people like the now deceased convicted sex-offender Jeffery Epstein and his assistant Ghislaine Maxwell.

They immediately bring forth pictures and statements from President Trump at different stages of his life. What’s disturbing is their inability to show those pictures and statements in the proper context of what was really going on a the moment the pictures were captured. For example, a divorced Trump has been photographed at different events throughout his life. Those events had single women at them. They draw the conclusion that President Trump was cheating on his wives on these different occasions, but this is not the truth. They stand on these misstatements (I call them lies) and reaffirm that a Christian would not behave this way and this becomes the basis for them to attack his Christianity. In their minds this justifies their hatred for President Trump.

And the third conclusion that they stand on against President Trump is that he is another version of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a type of antichrist spirit who carried out his plan of hatred for the Jews and anyone who did not believe what Hitler believed met with swift and utter destruction. The reason they are trying to tie President Trump to Adolf Hitler is tied to their conclusion that President Trump is promoting America. President Trump is promoting America. There is nothing wrong with loving your country and just because Hitler used his love of Country to do some evil things in Germany does not automatically mean that President Trump is going to do the same thing. President Trump’s policies have brought so much good to America and the world but those are demonically inspired cannot see this.

The antichrist spirit does not want America to retain its position of power in the world. The antichrist spirit wants all of the nations of the world to be the same and bow their knees to satan. We are currently going through a tremendous battle between light versus darkness. It would seem right now that darkness is prevailing. I never thought that I would see the day when so many who profess Christianity would turn their backs on the truth. They would rather have Biden lead them into this darkness than to follow President into the light of God.

These three conclusions that the enemy is using against the Body of Christ are doctrines from Hell. President Trump has been consistent over the years in his understanding of Biblical truth. I refuse to let those who do not walk in the truth sway my opinions either way. You are free to believe what you want to believe, this is America. However, my choice still remains President Donald J Trump. Selah.

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