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What's In "What Now??!!: Moving Past the Election of 2016"

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

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Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1, Patterned After Destruction; Noah, Elijah, King Saul, & King David…

We are living in the last days. What I have observed through studying Bible history is that there are times when the world will fall into patterns. We can see from Biblical history that these patterns bring with them certain spiritual conflicts. Because we are in these patterns we can examine what is going on in the spiritual atmosphere and tie it directly to demon groupings that have been sent to hinder the plan of God. There are no new sins. Sin doesn’t just affect us as a people sin destroys the spiritual atmosphere. It’s this concentration of sin that contributes to the spiritual climate of our nation. Prophetically speaking we are in a time of judgment that is unprecedented. God’s laws have not changed. You cannot mate (fornicate) with the gods of this world and serve the one, true living God. We know this but God demands our single-hearted devotion to Him. Because of the sins of this nation we have caused God’s heart to break and weep over us.

Our God is crying. Many prophets have been saying that the Church is in a transition period. This message has been skewed and corrupted because some leaders in the Church have their own agenda. There are many who have a political agenda and that agenda goes contrary to the plan of God. The major warning the prophets issued in the late 80’s and early 90’s was to get out of debt. There were some who heeded the warnings that came from the true prophets. Many in our nation are living paycheck to paycheck. The national debt clock continues to tick higher and higher. This nation is being judged. Based upon some older prophecies that I have read and studied by some older prophets this nation is entering into its time of judgment. There is no doubt in my mind that God has called our nation to greatness. However, we must acknowledge the truth that this nation has been on a downward spiral for eight years or more. When you tie this together with the enemy moving through the atheist movement, witchcraft, and the growth of the church of satan the saltiness of the Church has been decimated over the last eight years. It didn’t take much to draw masses of people in this nation into the arms of the antichrist spirit.

Chapter 2; I’m Sorry; Where Our Nation Really Is…

The American dream is to be rich enough to do whatever you want whenever you want. There has been a consistent and persistent attack by the antichrist spirit through Barack Obama and those who follow him. Barack & Hillary represent a sect of people in our society who believe that they are entitled to everything. Hillary was on course to continue what Barack had started. In the 2008 election, the people chose Obama to be their king. I am not a conspiracy theorist but the Church is on a downward spiral. Muslims are having 12 to 15 children per family. American Christians are having children at a lower rate. We can’t get people to come to church on a consistent basis but the Muslims can. There is a mixed message in the Church today. The top leaders in the church today did seek the face of God concerning this election but because they went before God with a preconceived idea of what He was doing in this hour, they did not have the ability to see. When you look at the atmosphere in the Church it is spiritually dark. I’m sorry but you must know the truth. For those who feel like Lot felt, vexed by the sin and degradation around you, God wants you to hold on. Some in the Body of Christ don’t like for the Remnant to talk about this but the truth is the truth. Do not be fooled, God will not be mocked. Our nation is headed for destruction.

Chapter 3; A House Divided against itself; Exposing the Agendas in the Church!

You would think that the Church would learn something from the enemy. If you ask any ten people in the Church what their views are on politics you will get that many answers. We were supposed to be on the same team. The leaders in the Church have a part to play in this. The Church has to learn to not give a mixed message.

"It's not the personality, where we vote for the personality," he added. "In the words of [Covenant Church Founding Pastor] Michael Hayes, that's idolatry."[1] Hispanic evangelical leader Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is urging Christians to vote on "platform and principle" and not "personality" — appearing to give a nod to GOP nominee Donald Trump, The Christian Post reported.[2] Mike Jacobs declared that as he and Cindy travel abroad, they are constantly having to repent to their fellow Christians “for actions taken by the leadership of the United States of America” in pushing homosexuality upon other nations.[3] “I’m a pastor. I don’t endorse candidates or place bumper stickers on my car. But I am protective of the Christian faith. If a public personality calls on Christ one day and calls someone a “bimbo” the next, is something not awry? And to do so, not once, but repeatedly? Unrepentantly? Unapologetically? Can we not expect a tone that would set a good example for our children? We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?” Says Max Lucado[4] Beth Moore wasn’t alone in her condemnation of Trump. Her comments sent ripples around the evangelical world and were seconded by Christian mega-speaker and author Christine Caine.”[5]

So, who do you vote for? What basis do you make your decisions off of? All of these leaders have good reasons for believing what they believed but what is the right choice? Now in the day and age of the internet we have blogs, YouTube, twitter and other media with which to stay in contact with people. Because our teachings have been corrupted by man’s wisdom, the Church is prone to error. There are two schools of thought going on in the church right now concerning politics and both of them are wrong. One school of thought is that the Church is not supposed to be involved in government/politics. The Second and more popular school of thought is that we are supposed to set up a government for Jesus Christ to come back to rule and reign in on this earth. Some Christians believe that we the Christians are going to take over the government of this nation and rule and reign just like we are in heaven. This is not the truth. Jesus is coming back to be the King of the Jewish nation first. The times that we are living in are so serious.

Chapter 4; 2016 Election Cycle; Sorting Through the Agendas in the Church!

This election has everyone saying everything and who really has heard the truth? We cannot rely upon the media for anything. Look at the difference in how they reported on Sarah Palin and how they reported on Barak Obama. The error doesn’t stop there; there are some in the Church who believe that we are supposed to remain neutral when it comes to elections. This error is the same error that was committed by the Church in Jesus day. I like to tell people all the time when they are bound in this doctrine, “God doesn’t need you to do anything.” He doesn’t need you to take up arms, He doesn’t need you to storm the White House, He doesn’t need you to go in and perform a violent takeover of this government. He has His angelic army and He has His Holy Spirit. To walk around in the arrogance that God needs a man to do anything is laughable.

There is another teaching that is pretty deep into the Church and that is the teaching that God only loves. He doesn’t do anything bad, doesn’t allow anything bad to happen to anyone and everything is just flowers and rainbows all the time. This really affects them because when God tries to approach them and tell them what He is doing in the earth they don’t want to receive it. The don’t judge me person in many ways believes that there is no judgment whatsoever. All of these different teachings and thought patterns are what is corporately wrong with the Church in the United States. I believe that because the Church has so many openings in its teachings and there is an unwillingness of leadership to get Holy, that the Church is not doing anyone any good. The Church is vulnerable to people coming with strange and unbiblical teachings. Dr. Rebecca Brown in her book, “He Came to Set the Captives Free” stated that it was nothing for satanist’s and witches to go into the houses of God.

There are those in the Church who are sent straight from the enemy and they are using their ministries to sow and bring confusion into the Church. If you look at what has gone on with the homosexual agenda it becomes plain. In the case with the election of 2016 many in the Church rightly looked at the history and the character of each of the candidates and both were bad. What the Church does not want to recognize is that there is a history of sin in the leadership of the Church as well that has not been repented of, this cause the Church to walk in the same blindness as the world. There has to be holiness by the one preaching the Word for it to have the power to activate the anointing in the Word to really help people. You have to know that not everyone in Church leadership is there from God.

There is an agenda amongst some of the leaders of the Church in regard to this election and it really centers on financial prosperity. This is where the Church needs to become honest. You can’t fix the problems of the world with money. The Church has to get rid of its agendas and pick up God’s agenda. This was a warning that the Church did not see nor hear because they were too caught up in the flesh desiring what they thought was good and in turn our nation has fallen behind a painted picture that is now being revealed for what it is, total deception. There is a penalty for sin. We are entering into a time of trouble and turmoil like we have never seen before. Corporately, the enemy knows that we are being judged. If the leadership in the Church would recognize this truth, we possibly could be spared the harsh judgments that are coming our way.

Chapter 5; Political Parties; Smoke & Mirrors: You Must Always Look at the Other Hand!

In George Washington's Farewell Address, he warned his fellow Americans about the dangers of political parties. He said, "The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism." He claimed the partisanship would lead to inter-political conflict, divide the nation, and give rise to cases of tyranny.[6]

This is a powerful statement by the first President of this nation. This domination in effect has created a monarchy. One of the most despicable things that has occurred in this nation is the disintegration of integrity. Once in office the politicians are swallowed up by the elites of their affiliated party. There is a great danger that comes from power. There are many who go into politics with the noblest of intentions. Some of you who are reading this book are good moral people and it is unfathomable to think that there are people out there who would slit your throat for power. The political parties of this nation are many. I learned this first hand as I started working my way through the ranks of the Republican Party in Delaware. As nice as these leaders were to my face, they were even harsher and crueler behind my back. We watched this same ugly thing all the way through this election cycle this year.

The balance of power has shifted over the last eight plus years from a democratically run to a Republican run political system. I observed this type of behavior on the local level as well; the Party leaders for the Republicans in Delaware would make deals that just didn’t make sense. This sounds contrary to the American dream and it is. Some would say that this is how it is supposed to be but is it really? I have seen races where a Tea Party Republican was harassed and threatened to get out of a race because the leadership in the Republican Party did not want them to win the spot. Does this mean that the person who is not liked by the Party cannot win? Absolutely Not! When you looked at the Republican Party and the Democratic Party it was clear that decisions had been made prior to Donald and Hillary running for office on which they would support. Until we as citizens stand up and fight against the Parties we will continue to experience their control over us. If the Democratic and Republican Parties would have listened to its base supporters our country would not be in the mess that it is in today. I don’t place my hope in our government or its leaders. I place my hope in God. The political parties see and know that the citizenry is not watching them so they carry on with their destructive behaviors.

Chapter 6; Hillary R. Clinton; Do Not Underestimate the Powers Behind Her!

I fear the Almighty God with all of my heart. With this being said the principalities and powers in Hillary are a force to be reckoned with. Hillary is the wife of former President Bill Clinton. Hillary was mentored by Saul Alinsky. Hillary has been influenced by many dark people. When you look at Hillary’s life, it is virtual path of darkness and dissidence. As we look into Hillary’s world we continue to see that it is filled with darkness. Many have poo poo’ed the reality of Hillary being into witchcraft but there is real evidence of this and more. When Leon Podesta’s emails were released by Wiki leaks and you plainly saw that they were talking about witchcraft you have to start honestly questioning what is going on with Hillary? I believe that she is a part of the system that is tied to the antichrist. She is not the antichrist but she is working under the same spirit of antichrist that is prevalent in this world today.

The antichrist spirit is responsible for bringing about the destruction of nation of Israel and Christianity. The antichrist spirit is the spirit that all other spirits work under. There is a season coming where the antichrist spirit will be allowed to freely move within this nation. You cannot ignore the truth. There are powerful principalities and powers working with Hillary. The people in this nation refuse to see the truth for what it is because we live in a day when good is called evil and evil is called good. Never in the history of this nation has one woman been so public and so blatant in her disregard for what is decent and moral. Never in the history of this nation has a woman advanced with so much power and with this Hillary lost the 2016 Election.

Chapter 7; Donald J. Trump; From Joker To Victor

What billionaire in their right mind would run for the office of the President of this nation? Only God knows what drew Donald into the political arena. Only time will tell if Donald will be successful or not. Donald has a lot of enemies and they all want him to disappear. This nation has been on a downward spiral for a long time. The people of this nation are tired of being in this downward spiral. The people of this nation see what needs to be done and are astounded that our political leaders refuse to fix what is so obviously wrong.

“What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people,”

“January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.

"Americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families, and good jobs for themselves,"

"These are the just and reasonable demands of a righteous public. But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."[7]

These are the words of President Donald J. Trump after he was sworn in. Donald understands what the people have been asking for. There is corruption on all levels of this nation and until someone strong stops it that corruption will always be there. I was up till 3 am on election night and I remember how stunned the media was. I love how this played out because no one saw this playing out the way that it did. He was the unlikely candidate. Our nation has gone to Hell in a hand basket over the past eight plus years because of the failed policies and agendas of the elites who are controlled by the principalities and powers associated with the antichrist spirit. Donald is not so pure in heart but as you look throughout his life you can see that he has transitioned through his many epiphanies into the person that he is today.

Donald is unique in so many ways. Donald has the appearance of being rough around the edges. Donald has the appearance of failing in his family life as well. Everyone understands the dynamics that it takes these days to stay married, to raise a family and to still be a decent human being. The real Donald is not what is portrayed in the media. He is a human being. Donald is approachable. This is a character trait that those who are in power in political circles do not have. This nation was built on the principles of rugged individualism. It was built on the ideal that an individual can work really hard and make something of themselves. These are Christian principles that this nation must return unto. Donald does not fit into anyone’s mold. Donald has a love for the Jewish people and this translates into deep respect. There are many signs, wonders and miracles in this end time hour. God has raised up Donald to fulfill a specific works and a lot of the prophets believe this works has to do with strengthening America but I believe that Donald is here to help strengthen Israel. We are in the times of restoration of all things. Taking all of this evidence into account one can clearly see that Donald was chosen by God to do something for God and for the nation of Israel.

Chapter 8; What Now??!!; A Civil War is Brewing

We have seen this tumultuous race rock our country backwards and forwards, left and right. What Now? Many are still asking this question. Many are still trying to fathom what happened. Why did Hillary lose? There was such an anger that erupted from the supporters of Hillary that demonstrations immediately ensued and have not stopped. The media contributed to this anger and continues to give an open platform to those who did not agree with the election results. This nation has been divided since Barack took office in 2008. Donald promised if he were elected that he would “Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again!” His message resonated with the hearts of the American people. White and black Americans, his message even resonated with the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan.

“Farrakhan said Obama is not a true leader, but merely a stooge of white establishment Democrats who ignore the plight of struggling African-Americans.

Farrakhan was not a friend or fan of Hillary and there are hours upon hours of him actively campaigning against Hillary and Barack. The point is clear. Trump had a message and it was received by everyone. Race did not matter. This election was about ideology. When you look at this nation and the things our leaders have done to us. Our leader’s policies on the economy, on health care, and on the environment, are crippling our nation and there is no reason for the people in this land of opportunity to be suffering. We are in the middle of a war that we should not be fighting. Say what you will but the powers that are not wholly and fully in love with Jesus Christ are swiftly working behind the scenes to undermine and completely sink this nation into the abyss that is the pro-homosexual and antichrist movements.

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