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What do we Have Here? Truth! Documentary Jan 6th pts 1 - 7

Updated: Jan 23

Christopher & Kathryn share...

Pt 1; True footage from January 6th (What we didn't know).

Pt 2: Real footage of what took place on January 6th. You would not believe who appears to be the bad guys. Truth will always wait!

Pt 3; Insane prison time for those who showed up as supporters and arrested for misdemeanor crimes. Jesus, pray for the release of those who are held hostage by an inflated prison sentence just because they are Patriots and supporters of DJT. Listen as Christiopher & Kathryn share.

Pt 4; It just keeps getting worse. This should anger you. People are living foul and they need to be held accountable.

Pt 5: Why did the authorities feel the need to do this to this woman? I'm angry and you should be too! The footage is real. You can't get around it. This is pure evil and to cover it up?? SMH!!!!!

Pt 6: Hard evidence, hard truth! Here's some good that others would say "not so", truth will always wait! You watch and be the judge.

Pt 7: Sir, Ma'am...If you don't watch any other clip, this would be the one here!!!! Kash P. spills the beans on behalf of the one and only...I love God and how he's exposing the darkness like never before in 2024.


Pt 1 -

Pt 2 -

Pt 3 -

Pt 4 - Pending...


Pt 1 -

Pt 2 -

Pt 3 -

Pt 4 -

Pt 5 -

Pt 6 -

Pt 7 -

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