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We Have Lost the Integrity of the Supreme Court, Next Will Be Our Healthcare

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Today, The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) handed down its decision on a recent challenge by former President Donald Trump that was aimed at removing the tax penalty to you. This tax penalty is real. If you don’t have some form of health insurance and your refuse to use ObamaCare you will be taxed.

SCOTUS rejected this challenge seven to two. This means that seven of the Supreme Court justices believed in ObamaCare and they are ok with you being taxed. There were two Justices that dissented to the challenge. Justice Samuel Alito and justice Neil Gorsuch dissented which means they disagreed with the decision that the SCOTUS came out with. Guess what the Supreme Court said? The Supreme Court said that the people who submitted these challenges had no right to do them! Doesn’t this sound familiar. The States didn’t have a right to say there was election fraud. Something stinks in SCOTUS.

This is going to be the SCOTUS's new weapon every time something comes in that they don’t like. Because they are not longer independent. They have become corrupted just like the House of Representatives and the Senate. There's something wrong with this picture. There's a level of corruption that is taking place by our Justices on the Supreme Court. We have lost the part of the Court where the Judges could not be influenced or corrupted by politics.

They were literally supposed to look at the law in find out whether or not it was Constitutional or not. It is not their job to make decisions based upon politics. They are simply supposed to apply the laws against the Constitution. If the law violates the Constitution, then it should be struck down. Part of Obamacare provides for taxation of those people who have no healthcare and refuse to take Obamacare. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we're to be taxed for having health care or not having health.

I do not believe that the American people are going to wake up. I do not believe that they're going to look at what is really going on. By allowing this Affordable Health Care Act to remain in place we're on the path that will destroy our Health Care System and make like other countries around the world.

We need to be concerned about the lack of integrity of the Supreme Court justices. They have been corrupted. The new Justice’s that were put on are corrupted already. It didn’t take long for Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to show their true colors. The remaining Justices who used to stand with right thinking people are on the wrong side. We cannot count on Justice Clarence Thomas to the right thing. All of these Justices sided with the wrong side. We're in trouble. This country is in trouble and we need to recognize that we are fast being drawn into a system where everybody in the world is going to have the same health care. It's happening and it's happening right now.


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