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War Is On the Horizon...

The enemy has been preparing for this war for an exceptionally long time. Many people are unaware of how much preparation has taken place. The enemy’s rebellion is real. This is an all-out assault against all that is good, righteous, and holy. This is an all-out push to bring more people into the deception of the ages. The snares and traps of the enemy are meant to blind people to the truth and keep them from receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our enemy is cunning. He has gathered together a third of the angels to his side. The Body of Christ continuously underestimates how much power the enemy really does have. So much energy is spent by the Body of Christ infighting each other that we cannot properly focus on what God wants us to do. This is why we struggle to defeat the enemy. The Body of Christ is divided by many things, but pride keeps us from working together and seeing the truth of what the enemy is doing.

The cost is high and there is much to lose. Every moment of every day the enemy is fortifying his position. He has positioned his armies in key places within the Church to bring the most destruction. He has gained access to these key positions because of compromise within the Church. The willingness of the Church to compromise the truth and their relationship with God for status, power, and riches gives the enemy the ability to carry God’s people into complete seduction to evil.

The persistence of the enemy gives him an edge over the Church. The Church stands its ground for a short season but does not hold the ground for the long haul. The current pattern of the Church is gain ground and then give that ground right back to the enemy. We fail because we do not have a mindset to keep that which God has given us. The ground that God has given us was never meant to be lost to the enemy. Some regions experience setbacks and failures because the Church backs down when it should stand.

The enemy twists the truth and because the Church is not completely routed in the truth it can be easily persuaded to believe the lie. The lie is not the problem. The problem is that the Church ignores the truth and gets into agreement with the lie. The Church must break agreement with the lie and set itself free. The battle belongs to the Lord but there is a part that we must play in order for the Lord to show Himself strong on our behalves.

The enemy is using psychological warfare against the Church. The enemy knows that by breaking morale he can cause the Body of Christ to quit and give up even more ground. Those who remain in the Body of Christ do not understand how important it is to maintain the ground that they have gained. It’s important for stability in their region and for the stability of the Body of Christ as a whole. The great onslaught that is occurring is defeatable through God, but the Body of Christ has to rally and recommit to staying in the fight. We were meant to be the head and not the tail. We must start believing this in our hearts and follow through with action. War is on the horizon and it is not going to disappear. Selah.

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