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The Victory that Occurred on November 3, 2020 Will Be Seen.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

God is never lied. He meant what He said when He spoke through the true prophets. The true prophets have taken heat during this past nine-month period. We must not lose hope but continue to trust that God knows what He is doing. Many have lost hope in this season, and they are beginning to get into fear. Now is not the time to do this.

Mike Lindell and his team have compiled the evidence that proves that President Trump won. They are making headway on the State level with leaders in the State Legislatures. The evidence has been overwhelming. The evidence has shown there were computer commands that were activated via the Internet and via in person technicians from the Dominion Voting Systems Company. The State Legislatures that are fighting are going to decertify their Electoral College votes. Once this happens this will force the hand of our enemy.

I heard President Trump yesterday and he sounds committed and firm in his resolve to serve the American people. He is a trusted servant and leader who will complete the tasks that God has placed upon his heart. I was encouraged to hear President Trump say out of his own mouth that the only way we can do this, “Make our country great again”, is by the hand of God. He said this multiple times and it was not a part of his speech, it came from the very core of his heart.

Do not be persuaded to quit. Stand firm in your prayers. Stand firm in your belief that God is going to turn this situation around. Much damage has been done by the Biden administration and the antichrist spirit that controls that administration. Rest assured God is still sovereign and all powerful and nothing slips past His watchful eye. The times that are ahead of us are filled with darkness in the natural realm but if you look in the spiritual realm you will see the Glory of the Lord coming to this land.

Do not get into despair. Do not get into doubt and unbelief. Continue to fast and pray for President Trump and this country. It is going to be the concentrated corporate prayers that turn this situation around and we need to be consistent with those prayers. Resolve in your heart today to follow Christ and do His bidding. Resolve in your heart today to stay the course and fight the battle that God is leading you to fight. We need to pray for those in the State Legislatures that they have strong backbones, foreheads of flint, and that they will continue to persevere through all of the ridicule, the rejection, and the tricks that the enemy uses against them. Let’s pray that their resolve never wanes. Let's pray that those in authority who need to turn this situation around would be open spiritually to the voice of God.

Victory has always been here but we must fight for it and pull it out of the spiritual realm into the natural realm. Selah!

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