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The Death of the Family Unit

Jeremiah the prophet lamented many things in his time on the earth. He was God's man, expressing the heart of God. He was God's man who was used by God to show His children their delusional errors. The word lament demonstrates a passionate expression of grief or sorrow. Sadly, lamenting the errors of our culture and society is looked upon as being pessimistic. You are being too negative or your just an old fuddy, duddy.

The family unit is being killed. The normalcy of a traditional two parent (Mom & Dad) home has just about been eliminated in the eyes of the world. It has not been eliminated in the eyes of God. God's wants families to be families. God wants a man and woman to love each other and then love the children that He gives them. We don't see this today in many of our homes in the Church. We see the complete destruction of the family unit. We see men not being men and women being more concerned about losing the men then they are about rearing their children. I wish that I could say that this was only in the world but it is in the Church.

My Pastor has always said that Revival starts in your home. If you can't love your wife, your husband, your children then don't try to preach Revival. You are a sounding brass and a clanging cymbal. The world has enough of fake and phony people and they want something real out of the Church. They world wants to see families loving each other and being their for each other.

This is a battle that the Church must wage in this season. It is one of the most important battles that we will ever face. We cannot turn our backs on rebuilding the family. Men and women have abandoned their families in the name of comfort. Whatever form that comfort comes in, it replaces the love and the strength that a family unit is supposed to bring. What comes out of the man and woman's relationship has a direct tie to what the children will be.

So many children are messed up because the parental units are messed up. The parental units are wanting their needs met and they don't understand this level of selfishness is destroying what God intended to do with the family. The selfishness that comes from parental units ignoring their children opens deep doors for wounds in their children. The enemy is looking for these doors because he uses them to infest God's children with his poison.

The enemy knew what he was doing when he attacked the family. He knew that by braking up the basic building block of the family that he would have the Church. It's the perfect strategy. We must not allow the enemy into our families to steal, kill, and destroy. Let's raise a new standard and fight back against what the enemy is doing. With God winning this battle is possible. We can do our part by walking in love, strengthening our families, supporting one another in prayer.

Let's be like Jeremiah the prophet and weep over the things that the enemy has set against families today. Let's see what those with the abortion agenda are doing Let's see what those with the transgender agenda are doing. Let's see what those with the same sex agenda are doing. Ask God to expose the darkness behind these agendas so that His people can be set free. We must move to the place where the world can tell the difference between the Church and the world.

We must develop a new mindset and protect the family unit at all costs. We must intercede for the family unit to be protected and upheld.

"By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”, John 13: 35


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