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The Battle Continues to Fix 2020 First, Mike Lindell and Team Need You to Keep Them Lifted in Prayer

This has been a slugfest. An all-out brawl between the enemy and the forces of light (God). Mike Lindell announced on February the 8th that the legislature of the State of Arizona, both House and Senate on submitted a Resolution (HCR 2033) to retract or pull back the Certification of the 2020 Electoral College votes for the State of Arizona. This is big news. This is going to start, hopefully, the chain of events that will encourage and inspire the other five States (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, & Wisconsin) to join Arizona in fixing the wrongs that were committed in the election of 2020. This resolution has to be voted on and approved in the Arizona Congress.

This fight is not over. However, this promising sign that all of the hard work of those who have been standing for the truth is going to be seen. Within this Resolution is the complete evidence trail of what occurred in the State of Arizona to defraud the citizens of Arizona a legal and fair election. Mike Lindell pointed out something that I had not considered. Five of the Six states that have votes in question for their Electoral College are republican controlled. Think about this for a second. We have been fighting a battle against people who were supposed to believe the very same things that we believe. They don’t. There is no reason in the world that five Republican states should have went forward with certifying their electors in the Electoral College when there was clear evidence of fraud.

President Trump made a promise that he was going to clear the swamp completely out. If you were to ask him at the time who he thought would be in the swamp I am pretty sure he would have never mentioned any Republicans at all. This is absolutely mind blowing. There are Republicans who have willingly stonewalled the process. There are Republican that have disallowed the bringing forth of evidence whether good or bad; in favor or against President Trump. This evidence will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was tampering with the election of 2020. No one imagined or fathomed the level of corruption that has been found within the Halls of the United States Congress. No one imagined that corruption would be found on both sides, Republican and Democrat. We need to be praying for a complete exposure and removal of all darkness in the United States Congress.

You must understand that this level of corruption is equivalent to the corruption that destroyed the Empire of Rome. Rome controlled the entire world at one point in history; however, because of the greed, the pride, and the lack of moral values in the leadership of Rome it fell prey to all of the degradations and destructions that waiting for it. This Resolution put forth by Arizona exposes levels of fraud and deceit that are more then just accidents or simple errors. The information shows a calculated, purposeful attempt to steal the Election of 2020. An example of the fraud being revealed was that Maricopa County reported 923,000 early voter ballots were accepted at the drop off locations. There is a lack of a chain of custody documents for at least 740,000 of those ballots. In normal times without the accompanying custody documents these ballots would have been removed from the count. In order to make it fair for each candidate.

The relief sought by Arizona demands that according to the Constitution ”That the Members of the Legislature hereby notify the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and the Members of Congress from the State of Arizona that it is the justifiable position of the Arizona State Legislature that we set aside the results of the Maricopa, Pima and Yuma County elections as irredeemably compromised and reclaim the 2020 Presidential Electors due to the irredeemably flawed nature of these elections that prevent the declaration of a clear winner of said presidential electors.”

Now is not the time to celebrate. Now is the time to keep this covered in prayer like never before. Now is the time to cover Mike Lindell and all of the freedom fighters who are working with him need covered in prayer. The battle continues and we must do our part to help the truth get to light. I am looking forward to reporting more good news in the days ahead. I believe that it's just a matter of time before we get our President and our country back. Fix 2020 first, and then drain the swamp completely.


Thanks for joining us!

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