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Thank You satan!

This cuts against the grain of modern Christianity but hear me out. I know that not every negative occurrence that happens to us is due to the influence of satan so let me be clear when I say this. There will be times that you will have to dig down on the inside of yourself and say, “Thank you satan”. My thought process on this… when you are in the midst of difficult tribulations, trials, and the circumstances of life it would be easy to get into discouragement. God expects us to feel our feelings. He provided us the emotions that we have for a purpose. Those who are honest admit to themselves that sometimes the day that you're walking through is grievous and full of weariness. With this being said, we can lay the appropriate blame at the feet of satan when the time is right.

I believe by doing this you set yourself free to reevaluate the situation that you are going through. This will give you the ability to refocus and give God the thanks for the situations that you are going through. Sometimes you have to start out “Thanking satan” for coming against you, causing little circumstances and disputes to be around you on particular days. Satan does have influence over the Second Heavens, and he does cause his demons to thwart and hinder us throughout the day. However, in Christ, we always have the victory. This does not occur without God's permission or absent from His careful, watchful eye. His eyes are always upon us. The reason I'm saying for you to say, “Thank you satan” is to help you have a clear understanding that your enemy may buffet you to point of exasperation, but your God is greater than the enemy.

Satan is a created being just like you and me. He is not God’s equal. He has a beginning and an end. I am so looking forward to his end. I was recently involved in a circumstance. And this circumstance causes me persistent heartache and grief. In the midst of the process of moving forward with resolving this situation I received yet another setback, another delay in my time and this caused me to groan on the inside. In this season of my life, time is very valuable. Satan knows this. And this setback was fast approaching a point where it was gonna set me over the edge and my conduct could have been unbecoming of a Christian. But I looked up and I drew down on the Holy Spirit inside of me and I started to laugh, a laugh that was deep. As that laughter rolled out of me, I said “Thank you satan for coming against me.” Then I laughed even more. It was in my Spirit man. Somehow, I knew that I was not losing in this situation, but God was going to work it out for my good and He did. I wanted satan to know that he did not get me. He did not trick me into sinning.

This situation is still not resolved but because of what satan did in this particular circumstance I received a breakthrough that I know only could come from God. The circumstance that was a great hindrance to me is being turned around for my good. I still laugh at satan knowing that he cannot do anything to touch me. He cannot get me into discouragement. He could not get me to doubt my God.

I want you to put yourself in this situation. I intentionally left this generic. In times when you encounter negative circumstances that feel like they are going to bury you, look up into the heavens say, “Thank you satan” and then let the holy laughter come out. Let God’s peace bubble up inside of you and you finish conducting your business like the “Kings kid” you are. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say “REJOICE!”

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