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Sorry Pastor Barbara, TeamViewer Locked Me Out

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Yes, this is what I had to tell my Pastor this weekend three times. Do you know how this feels? It sucks. It sucks because TeamViewer has the power to fix this situation. I filed another dispute with them this weekend. I still haven't heard anything back from them. They don't care. They can afford $49 per month to help their Pastor. They can afford $49 per month to help their elderly Mom or Dad with their computer problems.

It would have been really easy and really convenient to use TeamViewer to help my Pastor with her problems with her computer but Teamviewer treated me like I was a commercial operator. I am listed as a free operator but their systems locked me out.

I did go and help my Pastor but it would have been nicer for me and easier for her for me to be able to use Teamviewer. All I want is pricing for people with low income and middle-class. Give pricing for those who are not commercial. I make no money off of helping my Pastor, my Mom or anyone else.

I got locked out - Click Here

Teamviewer released lock for Covid-19 - Click Here

Now, I am considered a commercial user - Clck Here

TeamViewer you can do better than this.

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