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Pt 4 - Analysis of Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin.

Updated: 2 days ago

Christopher shares thoughts and insights about the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin that was conducted on February 6, 2024. Listen as Christopher shares.

Part 4 of this analysis...  The History Behind Ukraine's Turmoil.  We are still talking about the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin. At this point, we're going to pick up where Vladimir Putin is talking about. He's still talking about the history. He's still trying to get Tucker to see the importance of the history of Ukraine and how they were formed. Tucker had asked the question, who did you talk to about Ukraine not being in NATO?

Who did you go to? And Putin is responding to this in a way that's very clear, very poignant. And he's saying, these people, meaning us, the United States, have lied to him before. He sought to be a part of the club before, and they told him no. So even though they guaranteed him that they were not going to have Ukraine going to NATO, they still kept pushing in other areas and redrawing the borders. This is very important to understand what he's saying and why he's laying out this history.

And for all of you people who still believe he's a warmonger and he's trying to destroy the entire world, you can see that the only thing he's concerned about is making sure that Ukraine does not become a part of NATO. Why is this important? Why would this be a key thing for him? Because this puts NATO forces, it puts the ability for NATO to drop troops into Ukraine and march straight into Russia.  Listen as Christopher shares.

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