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Pray for the victims and the family of Ravi Zacharias

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Truth will always come. The fullness of the destruction and devastation of what has taken place at the hands of Ravi Zacharias will take time to calculate. It is unfathomable what has taken place and I am asking for prayer for the victims and for his family.

I found this today and I feel that her story needs to be shared. She represents all of the victims and gives them a voice of what it was like to be a victim. Here name is Lori Anne Thompson - Click Here

Her story is heartbreaking. She really describes how deep the spiritual abuse was and deep it went. To hear how this affected and her husband was heart wrenching. You can hear the grief and torment as she relates what happened and how it happened. I pray that this does not ever happen to anyone else. The tragedy is that Mrs. Thompson and her family will not get justice in this world. They will get it from the Father but not from this world. listening at this makes me feel like the Church should be more accountable to make sure that these things never happen to anyone. Please pray for her.

I cannot imagine how his family has to be feeling. The level of shame and then to hear the full accounting of the darkness that he was walking in. Please pray that their faith in God remains as they journey through this dark night of the soul. Then I thought about how they cannot even talk to him about it. They can't tell him what he did. This has to be one of the most horrendous things about this situation. They are left with the aftermath. They are left with trying to bring the truth out. Pray for them. Pray for the Church.

The Church has to get back to the basics of the truth of the Gospel. We have slipped. To allow this thing to go on so long with no accountability is just beyond words. It is our responsibility to not allow spiritual abuse like this to take place. Church should be a hospital a place for the wounded to go and receive healing from the trauma's of the world. There is no way that more trauma should occur in the Church. There has to be more accountability. Selah.


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