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Pray for Mike Lindell (Update 2-6-2021)

This is a reminder from me to you to keep Mike Lindell, his family, his business, his drug rehab covered in prayer. {See original prayer request - click here} The enemy is trying to stop him bringing out the truth. I know that many people still do not understand that Spiritual aspects of the failure to bring out the truth regarding the events and that took place after November 3, 2020 but the truth cannot be hidden under a bushel.

Please watch this interview with Mike Lindell and Steve Bannon. Listen to the intensity of what is going and please support Lindell in prayer. Many people thought it was over. Many people are still denying and calling us false prophets for saying what we believe. You can say whatever you want about me, my Church, my God. I know what I know. God bless Mike Lindell for standing and fighting to bring out the truth about the election.

There were many cowards in the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, in the Supreme Court, in the State Courts and I know that God will reward them in due season but the battle is not over and we must continue to stand in the truth. The American people deserve to be heard. Truth will wait. Watch this interview with Mike Lindell and Steve Bannon.

I love how they set this up. It's on their own platform and those social media platforms who are censoring the truth will not be successful at keeping the truth from coming out. Selah.


Thanks for joining us!

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