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On This President's Day... Consider This...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As I sit pondering the current state of our Republic, I want to share some words with you from my book Protocol. These can be found in Chapter 3 on pages 49 and 50. This was written in 2019.

"Some leaders are born with the heart of a servant and others grow to become a servant through trials and tests. Like all politicians the President of the United States is called to be a servant to the people. The President has the responsibility of taking care of all of the citizens of this nation. Many have taken on this responsibility and become overwhelmed with the weight of power that is entrusted to them. That power crushes them and changes them. There are many influences that come against leaders in high offices, especially the President. Evil forces seek to use those whom they can in leadership and if they cannot use them then they do everything in their power to destroy them. This is what has been happening to President Trump. We, the Church, must intercede for him."

My thoughts today... the Church still remains divided politically and spiritually over the proper place of the President. There are many agendas in the Church that are leaning heavily towards compromise of the "True Values" of the Church. My opinion the Church is still trying to remain friends with our politicians. This friendship is costing us our Nation and further plunging our society into total degradation.

"To date only 45 people have risen to be President of this nation. While many are envious of the power and authority that the position holds, many more understand that it is a job that it is filled with responsibility and weight that you cannot possibly imagine. There is a protocol to this office. This protocol is there to preserve the honor and dignity of the office. Over the years this protocol has been watered down by those who have held the position of President."

My thoughts today... We were forced into a 46th President who does not know God. I honestly do not feel this is just but God is in control. Protocol has definitely been altered and at this point when President 45 returns I wonder will what he does bring restoration back to the Office of the President and our nation. This is an uphill battle because the hearts and minds of the people have changed and we can no longer just take for granted that all will be well. We need to pray for Divine Intervention.

"The case has been made that significant changes have taken place within this nation. These new “normals” have caused a shift in the protocols of how we the people as a nation operate. These changes in protocol have been occurring gradually behind the scenes for an extended period of time. They have reached the deepest core of the heart of this nation, the President. The tactics that the enemy uses are subtle and as the truth about the abomination that brings desolation is narrowed by the choices between two kings. God selected President Trump as a way to right the wrongs of past Presidents and give America another chance at greatness."

My thoughts today... I am still confused why so many of our citizens have a hard time accepting that we the United States were called to be great. This doesn't mean that we think we are better than others. We just have a special place that God wants our country to fulfill. We cannot continue down the path of greatness if the person who sits in the highest office in our land is corrupted. We are in such riveting times that it is difficult to see the truth for what it is. There is an evil force working behind the scenes and this evil force has to be challenged by the Church. There is no other power that can destroy the evils that are being committed outside of the Church when it is backed by the Most High God. But this power is not going to come to the Church automatically. It will only come to the Church that is walking in the ways and manners of the Most High God, then and only then can we restore through God what the enemy has stolen. We need the restoration of the Protocols that made us great. We need restoration of the integrity and dignity of the Office of the President.

When you look at the history of this position, it is clear that the mindsets of past presidents has gone through a metamorphosis. From George Washington to Obama, great change has taken place. Those who have been seated in that office have migrated from a position of serving the people to serving themselves. Through a long process of corruption and demonic influence those who have stood as President over the United States have shifted to this perspective."

My thoughts today... We were on our way to a restoration of integrity and justice with President Trump. The enemy has stolen this from us and we need to petition God to bring this back. The longer this drags on by the enemy, the greater an opportunity comes for this to become normal and then no one will make the effort to change it. We could lose generations if this absolute power continues to corrupt us absolutely.

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