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My Silence...

Rev. Christopher Gore

Date: June 5th, 2008; 6: 37 pm

Tell My people to not be afraid of My silence. Many are running to and fro in this given hour. Many are doing things that I have not asked them to do. Be still and wait is my orders for this given time. Many of My children are trying to pressure Me into doing things that I am not ready to do. Do not fall into this trap for I will move when I want to move. I love My people but I am not ready to move. Just because My people think that they are ready does not mean that they truly are. I have an agenda and that agenda will not move forward until I say so. You are not going to push me into doing something that I am not ready to do. Sit in My silence and wait. Those who are moving in this season without My leading are falling into diverse temptations. Do not be one of those. Wait on Me. Wait on My promises and you will see what I have promised you come to pass. Many are falling prey to Saul’s sin and they don’t even know it. Many are falling away from Me. Many are turning their hearts from Me because I am not doing the things that they expect Me to do. If you only knew how much this has grieved My heart. If you only knew children that I have a plan and a purpose and it is a higher plan than your plan could ever be. Don’t fall into the temptation of the hour to manifest a move. I tell you that many are falling into this and many are moving in false signs and false wonders and they are losing out on what I am really doing in this hour. I told My people that I am coming in a way that is far more powerful, far more glorious than they could even imagine. You are just like My Jewish children… they expected Me to do one thing but I was really doing something completely different. Don’t be like them. Move with Me and you will see My provision for your lives. You will be in My timing and My glory will really be with you. Don’t fight the silence. Don’t grow weary in waiting for even in the waiting I am moving in ways that you cannot understand. This waiting period must take place. I am weeding out the fakes and the frauds. I am truly marking those who are Mine. The mark will be distinguishable. The mark will be noticeable. It will be a mark made with the fire of adversity. A great persecution has begun and My true children will face real persecution. Every man’s works will be revealed for what they are. For now, maintain the silence. Just come before Me and sit in My presence. Many are questioning Me in this given hour, “God what are you doing? God, how can I be apart?” I say wait on My promise and wait in the silence and I will truly reveal all that I want you to know.

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