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Moral Support for Biden Supporters

Reposted so you can read what I actually was banned for a week by Youtube for... smh!

Thank God I have my podcast site. Thanks for joining me.

Listen and follow along with transcript below.

Begin Transcript:

Greetings to you Radiantfire radio. This is your host, Christopher Gore and we are in a new year, 2021.

Wow. I remember when I was a kid, I just knew that when we got to 2010, we were going to be flying around in space cars.

We're not quite there, but we are closer than what we used to be.

Wow. There is a lot going on right now. And I'm excited. I'm excited because I know that

God is on the move and he's doing some different things.

Um I would like to talk to all of the Biden supporters right now. I want you to prepare your heart, because the things that have been projected and smoothed over by the press, by the media, by some Republicans and some Democrats, it's all about to topple down. It's all about to come to a complete end. And I'm offering up olive branches. I'm offering up arms of support and comfort. I'm offering up the truth to you so that you can understand what really has happened and transpired. And I'm doing this on purpose because right now, people in the Church are accusing Church members of being unloving and unkind and gloating about the pending finalization of this election with President Donald J. Trump. And I'm not offering uh not going to gloat.

Uh I just held on to the truth. I knew what the truth was. I knew what the truth was going to point to. And I actually feel sorry for those Biden supporters who did not do their due diligence to find out the truth about what's been going on with this election. And I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at the media. I'm mad at those who are in positions of power, who are refusing to bring the truth to you so that you can make an informed decision and Facebook, Twitter, uh Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, all of those news people who put those little Tags and even YouTube put those little Tags on the videos that go out there saying that we've certified that Biden is the President elect. What's going to happen to those people?

Absolutely nothing. Nothing's going to happen to them. They're going to be able to continue on doing what they've been doing. But the truth is coming out in unprecedented ways.

People are coming out of the woodworks. Forensic scientists are coming out saying the machines have been altered, the votes have been switched. There are some States that had more people cast a ballot than there are voters.

Again, I'm not gloating. I'm not laughing at you. I'm offering arms of support and arms of love because the truth is going to sting when it comes out. And the truth is that Biden is not going to be the President from 2021 to 2024. The truth is President Donald J. Trump won this election.

There's evidence, and I'm going to present this in future podcasts. But I'm going on record today, January 5, before everything is finalized and finished in saying that I've been telling you all along that President Trump won this election be at peace, reconcile this in a way that is not going to cause violence, in a way that is not going to uh put you in a bad light.

The truth has always been the truth and my favorite saying, truth will wait. I've um seen how truth wasn't always at the forefront of people's minds. But when everything is said and done, truth comes out and truth vindicates those who are on truths side.

I'm here for you. I'm here to help explain what has happened. I'm here to help you see that the people who voted for light, I've been saying this for a long time. People who stood for the light of Jesus Christ, who stood for God, they are going to be vindicated in big ways in a few short days ahead. And it's not an opportunity or time for you to be angry at them. But you need to place the anger upon the media. You need to place the anger upon the leaders of the Democrat Party, the leaders of the Republican Party who refused to give you the truth.

Consider this.

Consider this.

I'm not for division. I'm not for racism. I'm not for causing people to feel bad. I absolutely feel empathy for you because you have been tricked, you've been deceived, and no one has been trying to give you the truth on your side. They've allowed you to live in a fantasy world that is about to come crashing down in big ways.

And I uh do. I feel empathy for you because this is going to have to cause some deep soul searching and some deep pain for you to really understand what's going on.

I've been talking to some of you on the side privately, having conversations with you, trying to help you see that the fraud was real. The fraud was real. And a lot of people are still going on the understanding that because the Supreme Court tossed out some of those cases, that the evidence that went along with those cases was tossed out. It was not.

The cases were tossed out because the Supreme Court said this person who brought the case has no right to bring it. They never looked at any evidence. They never weighed any evidence. They were never even allowed the legal teams to present evidence. So the false truth that's going on out there, that the Supreme Court kicked it out, and there's nothing left for President Trump to do. This reality is going to hit you hard because the media has not told you the truth.

There's going to be more to come in the days ahead. I just wanted to put this out here today so you know what's going on and you don't feel bad. I'm not trying to step on you. I'm not trying to crush you. I'm trying to help you transition to the truth. And hopefully you can come to the light and stay in the light and then move on and do better with your light.

This has been radio fire radio with your host, Christopher 2021. There's going to be a lot of shaking a lot of changes going on this year.

End Transcript.

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