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Joel Chapter 2

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

In 1970 there was an overpopulation of rabbits, so they created a virus to kill the rabbits…

Prior to that we were plagued with mice, they brought forth cats to take care of the mice…

Obama started the funding for the Corona virus with government funds and look at what we have today. A total mess.

God the Father is on the scene and He wants to talk to you tonight about Joel 2.

We are in this dispensation of time where Joel 2 is what God is doing.

God has been speaking but is the Church listening…

Who is God?

Deuteronomy 10: 17 (KJV)

For the Lord your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward.

Look at those characteristics that Moses said about God. He is Great, He is might, and He is terrible.

Church you need to stop prettying God up and let Him be known for who He is.

Prophecy December 8, 2016, Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Fix your eyes upon Me and never look around; for this is the hour of great salvations and I need your undivided attention. I will be speaking into the ears of those who are intuned to My voice at this given time. I have many secrets that I need to reveal to My people and this is the hour that I have fore-ordained to do this mighty works.

The Joel Chapter Two dispensation has come upon the land and I want each of you to be partakers of this Great and Mighty Works.

Prophecy January 15, 2012, Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

The coming light will dispel all darkness. Fast, fast, fast like never before. It is time for complete fasting; not partial. I will sustain thee; I will uphold thee by My strong right arm. I will be the God of Glory and My Thunderings and Lightnings will be seen and heard all across this great land. Nations shall hear of My glory and nations shall run into My Glory and great will be the fall of satan’s kingdom at this given hour. My people will have learned to tread on scorpions and they will have learned what it means to heal the sick. They will also walk in supernatural abundance and they shall have no lack.

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit at this given time. This is the time for great growth in the Body of Christ. This is the time for manifestations like have never been seen before in Church History. Come to My Glory Light and allow Me to expose all darkness within and without and then you shall be able to go forth and conquer on every side. Then you shall go forth victoriously; for you will be going in My strength and not your own. You will be using My Wisdom and not your own; you will be using My Understanding and not your own.

Many will be drawn to the light you will emanate. Many, many souls being weighed in the balance will come to this bright light of My Glory that is covering the earth as prophesied in Joel Chapter 2.

Do you see what God is trying to do? Do you see what He is saying through His prophetic Word? Joel Chapter 2 is active and that means many things.

Joel 2: 1 - 3 {MSG} The Locust Army

2 1-3 Blow the ram’s horn trumpet in Zion!

Trumpet the alarm on my holy mountain!

Shake the country up!

GOD’s Judgment’s on its way—the Day’s almost here!

A black day! A Doomsday!

Clouds with no silver lining!

Like dawn light moving over the mountains,

a huge army is coming.

There’s never been anything like it

and never will be again.

Wildfire burns everything before this army

and fire licks up everything in its wake.

Before it arrives, the country is like the Garden of Eden.

When it leaves, it is Death Valley.

Nothing escapes unscathed.

The prophet Joel spoke about the judgments of God.

Notice that Joel judgments, plural meaning more than one.

Judgment implies that a person has been found guilty of doing something wrong. Judgment implies that God has been watching and discerning patterns of behavior, discerning attitudes, discerning the true nature of the heart of God’s people and a negative result was found.

This negative result demands or requires an immediate and precise consequence from the law of God. Penalty, punishment, payback from God for disobedience to His law.

Joel specifies that these consequences will be severe.

A black day, doomsday, death valley, no one escapes.

There will be those in the Church who will try to smooth these words over and make them positive.

Don’t do it. Hear what Joel is really saying is coming.

Prophecy August 9, 2017, Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

When the trumpet sounds again; it will be too late to get yourself together. I have already blown the trumpet once and rallied My people and spoke for them to get themselves ready for this final battle of the ages. Many did not heed that trumpet call and therefore they are standing on the sidelines still looking in. There will be great gnashing of teeth when they finally realize they are standing all alone and it was their flesh that was operating and not My Spirit. True sorrow will fill their hearts, but it will be too late. I have called many times; who has earnestly answered with a pure heart that is surrendered to Me totally and completely?

Joel 2: 4 – 6 {MSG}

4-6 The locust army seems all horses—

galloping horses, an army of horses.

It sounds like thunder

leaping on mountain ridges,

Or like the roar of wildfire

through grass and brush,

Or like an invincible army shouting for blood,

ready to fight, straining at the bit.

At the sight of this army,

the people panic, faces white with terror.

Joel is warning us that the destruction is going to come in the form and likeness of locusts.

There will be so much destruction and devastation that will take place that it will boggle the mind.

It will feel like an army has invaded the land and completely destroyed everything.

It will be one destruction after the other with no end or let up at all.

Joel is warning us that there is going to be so much clamor it will be like thunder, it will be like a roar, a sound so intense that it will bring fear.

This sound that is coming because of this destruction is going to cause all who hear it to fear, panic will be upon all faces.

Here is a note from Matthew Henry’s commentary:

“Historians tell us that the noise made by swarms of locusts in those countries that are infested with them has sometimes been heard six miles off. The noise is likewise compared to that of a roaring fire; it is like the noise of a flame that devours the stubble, which noise is the more terrible because that which it is the indication of is devouring. Note, When God’s judgments are abroad they make a great noise; and it is necessary for the awakening of a secure and stupid world that they should do so.”

When you look upon this judgment and see it for what it is you will understand that there is no escape from it.

You will not be able to excuse your way out of it. You will not be able to blame anyone else. It will overtake you completely.

Joel 2: 7 – 11 {MSG}

7-11 The invaders charge.

They climb barricades. Nothing stops them.

Each soldier does what he’s told,

so disciplined, so determined.

They don’t get in each other’s way.

Each one knows his job and does it.

Undaunted and fearless,

unswerving, unstoppable.

They storm the city,

swarm its defenses,

Loot the houses,

breaking down doors, smashing windows.

They arrive like an earthquake,

sweep through like a tornado.

Sun and moon turn out their lights,

stars black out.

GOD himself bellows in thunder

as he commands his forces.

Look at the size of that army!

And the strength of those who obey him!

GOD’s Judgment Day—great and terrible.

Who can possibly survive this?

This is a continuation of the locust’s destruction.

The destruction that God has planned will seem like an invading army.

There will be nowhere to hide. There will be no way to protect yourself from what is about to happen.

This army is so good and so set on destroying everything in its path.

It is the perfect killing machine created by our terrible God.

Why because God has been telling us that He wants our behavior to change. He wants the Christians to represent Him in purity and holiness.

One of the names of God = Jehovah = man of war.

Exodus 15: 3 (KJV)

The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.

Church there are things about God that you don’t know. There are things about His character and nature that you think you understand but you really don’t.

God said that we are in this dispensation of Joel 2, God is in war mode.

He is sending out His judgments to deal with the hearts of His people and when you look closely at Joel 2, you will plainly see that God is not playing.

God never has played, it’s the Church that has been saying that God is a God of love and He would never hurt you. You can keep doing your mess and there will be no consequences.

You will not be able to excuse your way out of it. You will not be able to blame anyone else. It will overtake you completely.

Joel is telling us plainly that you need to understand that if you get on this side of God, there is no escape plan. There is no way out.

This prophecy was tied to Joel 2 (Joel 2: 1 - 11).

Prophecy December 13, 2015, Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Tell my church that I am coming after a church without spot or wrinkle and I have been ironing out the wrinkles all this time and this is the last pressing the whole earth is about to explode with My presence and I will bring My army with Me. They are dressed in white and they have passed the time of testing and they have their heads held high and they are coming forth with a shout of victory on every side. This army is different, and it is unique.

It is like no other army this land has ever seen. There will be fire in their eyes and they will come forth with a burning desire to ride this one out with Me. They will not look around to see who is in control; they will know who is in control and they will fight with all they have in them. They will fight in unison and because of this the enemy will lose every battle.

This great explosion will occur during the deepest and darkest hours this land has ever witnessed. This land will be vibrating with anticipation; for the land knows what is about to happen and all My angelic host are prepared to ride also. They are going to come to this land and they are going to fight the battles for My children and they will not stop until the command is given for them to stop. I tell you now, beforehand that this is a fierce and mighty army a sight to behold and like I said there has been none like it before.

A multitude of lost souls just hanging in the balance and this army shall rescue them a strong and mighty army that will fear nothing; and I mean absolutely nothing. This army has been through the throes of hell and they know firsthand what it is like to be in the clutches of evil personified and they are more than ready to rescue those lost and dying souls out of the same clutches that had them.

Victory after victory after victory will be seen across the land as this great and mighty army goes forth conquering on every side.

Eyes have not seen what they are about to see and ears have not heard what they are about to hear and I tell you a truth the thunder and lighting will clap and roar before this mighty army and the winds will howl around about because of the fierceness of this great and mighty army.

Fear on all sides at this given time; that is why it is so imperative that My peoples set their hearts and minds upon Me and stay in that deep position of hearing even the smallest whisper of My voice.

Time frame; some would say what is the time frame; but I tell you there is no time frame for what I am about to accomplish upon this land. Everybody wants a time and a date; when in fact they should be wanting more of Me and less of the world. They should be desiring sweet fellowship to flow from the crowns of their heads to the souls of their feet.

Salvation is sweet; but sin has corrupted My people and they are losing their salvation. They must ride upon the waves of My delivering power and destroy the works of darkness; I want a total annihilation of the enemy of their souls.

Their garments have been tainted by this sin nature. The enemy has had them trapped in a web of deception for quite some time now and I am about to destroy that web and bring My children up out of the throes of Hell and place them on solid ground once again.

"The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved." (2 Thessalonians 2: 9 - 10, NKJV)

Joel with his message also gives you a way to stop the destruction.

Joel 2: 12 {MSG}

12 But there’s also this, it’s not too late—

GOD’s personal Message!—

“Come back to me and really mean it!

Come fasting and weeping, sorry for your sins!”

Even though God is a God of war and He is terrible.

God still speaks through Joel and tells them if they repent, He will not unleash the judgments upon them.

Joel tells them that they must repent the right way with their whole heart and be truly sorry for your sins.

Joel 2: 13-14 {MSG}

13-14 Change your life, not just your clothes.

Come back to GOD, your God.

And here’s why: God is kind and merciful.

He takes a deep breath, puts up with a lot,

This most patient God, extravagant in love,

always ready to cancel catastrophe.

Who knows? Maybe he’ll do it now,

maybe he’ll turn around and show pity.

Maybe, when all’s said and done,

there’ll be blessings full and robust for your GOD!

Look at how Joel describes what the forgiveness of God will look like for those who truly turn around.

He tells them that God will be kind and give them mercy.

He tells them that God is patient and that He will stop the judgments with true repentance.

The judgments that are set against America can be stopped if we as a nation truly repent for our wickedness. Not just for a moment, not because we got caught, but because we truly mean it.

This is the type of repentance that God will hear and honor.

Joel even says that if you turn completely to God, God is so good that even though you sinned, you still might get blessed by God.

Joel 2: 15-17 {MSG}

15-17 Blow the ram’s horn trumpet in Zion!

Declare a day of repentance, a holy fast day.

Call a public meeting.

Get everyone there. Consecrate the congregation.

Make sure the elders come,

but bring in the children, too, even the nursing babies,

Even men and women on their honeymoon—

interrupt them and get them there.

Between Sanctuary entrance and altar,

let the priests, GOD’s servants, weep tears of repentance.

Let them intercede: “Have mercy, GOD, on your people!

Don’t abandon your heritage to contempt.

Don’t let the pagans take over and rule them

and sneer, ‘And so where is this God of theirs?’”

Joel gives explicit instructions for how to gain God’s favor back.

He says to call a fast in a public meeting, declare a day or repentance.

Make it mandatory for everyone to do this.

Then consecrate everyone. Don’t leave anyone out of this act of separation unto God.

He tells them to get the priests involved.

This is a strong cry from Joel to really make it right.

Will see this in America? Will see this level of separation to God?

So many factions even within the Church right now. The Church is fighting the Church and they can’t get it together long enough for God to cleanse.

We are in the gravest of danger when it comes to the Church getting truly right with God.

Joel 2: 18-20 {MSG}

18-20 At that, GOD went into action to get his land back.

He took pity on his people.

GOD answered and spoke to his people,

“Look, listen—I’m sending a gift:

Grain and wine and olive oil.

The fast is over—eat your fill!

I won’t expose you any longer

to contempt among the pagans.

I’ll head off the final enemy coming out of the north

and dump them in a wasteland.

Half of them will end up in the Dead Sea,

the other half in the Mediterranean.

There they’ll rot, a stench to high heaven.

The bigger the enemy, the stronger the stench!”

Joel shows that God will accept true repentance.

True repentance from the hearts of the people caused God to turn around and lift his judgments off of them.

We have a chance in America to have the judgments lifted off of us but will we take that chance?

God will stop the enemies of His children right in the tracks for coming against the anointed of God.

He will destroy those who were made to destroy His people.

Joel 2: 21-24 {MSG}

21-24 Fear not, Earth! Be glad and celebrate!

GOD has done great things.

Fear not, wild animals!

The fields and meadows are greening up.

The trees are bearing fruit again:

a bumper crop of fig trees and vines!

Children of Zion, celebrate!

Be glad in your GOD.

He’s giving you a teacher

to train you how to live right—

Teaching, like rain out of heaven, showers of words

to refresh and nourish your soul, just as he used to do.

And plenty of food for your body—silos full of grain,

casks of wine and barrels of olive oil.

When true repentance comes from the hearts of Gods people everything prospers.

The earth prospers. There is no climate change. Climate change is really the sins of the people being sowed into the land. The land does not like the sin, so it is reacting to sin.

But when the people live in holiness and righteousness before God, the land prospers.

Everything grows like it’s supposed there is life and vitality all around.

When true repentance comes from the hearts of God’s people, God will send His Holy Spirit to teach you how to live right.

God will send these teachings to you so that you can honor Him in all that you do.

And because you will receive these teachings it will cause changes in your soul. You will grow and produce fruit in every area of your life. In your physical body, in your soul and in your Spirit man.

People will see the anointing of God in you, on you, and around you.

Joel 2: 25 – 27 {MSG}

25-27 “I’ll make up for the years of the locust,

the great locust devastation—

Locusts savage, locusts deadly,

fierce locusts, locusts of doom,

That great locust invasion

I sent your way.

You’ll eat your fill of good food.

You’ll be full of praises to your GOD,

The God who has set you back on your heels in wonder.

Never again will my people be despised.

You’ll know without question

that I’m in the thick of life with Israel,

That I’m your GOD, yes, your GOD,

the one and only real God.

Never again will my people be despised.

When true repentance comes, everything that God took from you, He will restore.

Everything that locusts took and ravaged, God will bring back and cause you to prosper in Him.

The same God who was set on destroying will turn His heart towards you and you will find favor in His sight.

He will establish covenant with you and restore your relationship with Him and it will be better than at the beginning.

The God promises to always be there for His people.

Joel 2: 28-32 {MSG} The Sun Turning Black and the Moon Blood-Red

28-32 “And that’s just the beginning: After that—

“I will pour out my Spirit

on every kind of people:

Your sons will prophesy,

also your daughters.

Your old men will dream,

your young men will see visions.

I’ll even pour out my Spirit on the servants,

men and women both.

I’ll set wonders in the sky above

and signs on the earth below:

Blood and fire and billowing smoke,

the sun turning black and the moon blood-red,

Before the Judgment Day of GOD,

the Day tremendous and awesome.

Whoever calls, ‘Help, GOD!’

gets help.

On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem

there will be a great rescue—just as GOD said.

Included in the survivors

are those that GOD calls.”

After the turning of our hearts back to God, God will release Himself to us.

God will pour out all of His goodness upon us and nothing good will be with withheld from us.

God promises to answer anyone who calls upon Him for help.

Joel 2 is a picture of How God will correct us, chastise us, and then restore us back to Him.

Prophecy April 28, 2017, Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Tell America to fast and pray like never before; for the devastation that is coming upon America like America has never seen. I need My prayer warriors and watchmen to rally together and pray and seek My face for instructions in this time of vast devastation. Many lives will be lost at this given time and much destruction everywhere; but as My prayer warriors and watchmen gather to seek My face for instruction; divine instruction shall be given.

America is in the time of Joel right now. My church has been sleeping while the enemy has been laying its destructive plans to destroy. It is time to arise and awake from your slumber and sleep and come alive in Me.

Prophecy March 17, 2011, Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

These are the days of awe. When every knee will have the opportunity to bow and every tongue have the opportunity to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Take heed little ones; take heed for the hour is late and the soon return of My Son is at hand. I am contemplating many salvations at this given time for this is the time that I have spoken of in Joel.

Hurry for the hour is late and much destruction across the land; but in the midst of the destruction many souls will be brought into the Kingdom of God. Rush; rush to the wall and intercede like never before for this land is about to undertake a major overhaul.

I am speeding up time as it were and many things will come upon the horizon instantly and there will be no turning back; so get yourselves ready now for the influx of souls being brought into the kingdom.

Prophecy July 20, 2011, Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Tell My Beloved Church that this is the hour spoken of in Joel. I am already on the scene performing many signs, wonders and miracles on the behalf of My Beloved Church. It is time to proclaim liberty to the captives and set them free from the bondages of darkness that surrounds them.

It is time to come to full realization of what I am doing in this hour. I am the Almighty God and I fail not. I am doing a perfect works amongst My people at this given time. Take it all My Beloved Church; take it all for I am in it and I am performing the impossible at this given time.

It is time to come to the forefront Beloved Church. You have been on the backside of the desert too long now; and now is the time to come to the forefront and be delivered from all that is not of Me and take your rightful place in the Kingdom of Light and tear down the Kingdom of Darkness.

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